Siegl Andrea on Tue, 15 Feb 2000 22:09:30 +0100 (MET)

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Re: Syndicate: ART & the Strategy of Absence Against....

ya well thats the trick with language and thought i suppose. what does
"house" mean before having experienced war and what dose "house" mean
after having experienced war. this example comes to my mind cos i had
the opportunity couple years ago to attend a reading of bosnian writer
Dzevad Karahasan where he explained/read based on his experiences how
quickly terms/words can change meaning, language, the same word
changes just within a few years from expressing warmth to cold. i never
had thought about that before. was impressed.
on "belonging":
today i say i belong to my life, i try to live where my feet are.
belonging to a country equals borders according to my personal
definitions/experiences/names (konditionierung) of environment. 
belonging hints to possesing defending being jealous getting it
speaking via computer mediated technologies takes big portion of the
communication event out -- probably thats why i like your statement of
"super-free" net talk. 
pizza is great food and i vote for eating it on a materialized table with
real hands and faces talking.
i can imitate a trombone