Lorenzo Taiuti on Tue, 15 Feb 2000 18:38:58 +0100

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Syndicate: ART & the Strategy of Absence Against....

Art & the Strategy of Absence against...
The polemics about the words with whom we want to define the Haider problem 
and our way to act as intellectuals/artists in this situation are getting more 
ahead than i thouhgt.
The necessity to use fresh and effective concepts seems to have 
Says Saman:
"The genocidesand atrocities of europe in the 30s and 40s 
arenot about to happen here in Canada."You bet.
But the reality of strong conservative solutions is not so backdated in 
Italy. The seventies were full of those possibilities.
The problem we face is a code problem: progressive culture has to free 
itself from the data of the old left.
The bankrupt of the social planning of the left culture leaves progressive 
ideas with very little (so to say) but "libèrtè, 
ègalité, fratérnitè".
On the contrary the conservative culture, supported by the current triumph 
of the liberist economy seems to be able to go on a double path: redifining of 
society as "fair opportunities", and recollect old fragments of deeply 
conservative thoughts, by now free of their crime sounding weight.
The shadow projected by this complex and ambiguous field of concepts, words 
and political values is anyway able to affect even our super-free 
The misunderstanding on the idea of "belonging" that is going on 
between  Peter and Andrea seems to prove it.
& Dear Trevor
your "dyslectic" ignoring difference between right & left 
gives me strong doubts about your understanding of a good pizza. 
Acttually is very difficult to delivery so far but come to Rome and i will 
take you to a superb Pizzeria. It is called "The Right & the 
Lorenzo Taiuti