Lorenzo Taiuti on Sun, 13 Feb 2000 15:56:27 +0100

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Syndicate: Art & the Strategy of Absence against...

Art & the Strategy of Absence 
Yes Against who?
The problem arised by Jost on how to define an 
antagonist without using historical categories is a real and important 
And the problem is surely not creating labels 
but to define ourselves as "left" of a new type while using new tools, 
new media as definition of new political figures working with 
And of course a new 
And in this new area of values certainly we 
should not call Haider a Nazi, because that flattens matters to a 
black&white stilness.
Two years ago Haider declared his deep 
appreciation of Hitler points of view on several themes.
And that's why he was thrown out of the 
He surely opened the game!
So while i would rather call him Haider the 
Heidi( the mythical cartoon figure singing and dancing on austrian mountains to 
whom he looks very much like) the fatal attraction is to call him a Nazi. Maybe 
a cartoon nazi, all dancing and all singing, but a nazi. 
The political problem is certainly how to 
qualify and re-define the area of growing conservative thought that is becoming 
again strong and audacious.
The psycological problem is probably to let out 
our feelings on how we feel things are growing. ( We will argue face to face in 
Rome about that Jost!).
Lorenzo Taiuti