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CalArts and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles
present MONGREL on Wednesday February 23 at 8:00 PM.

The presentation "Ghetto Software" is free to the
public and will be in the MOCA Ahmanson Auditorium,
250 South Grand Avenue, LA.

MONGREL is a London based digital artist collective
that explores issues of race, technology and
new-eugenics. Mongrel prides themselves on their
ability to program, engineer and build their own
software and custom hardware. Mongrel makes ways for
those locked out of the mainstream to gain strength
without getting locked into power structures.
Two members of MONGREL, Richard Pierre-Davis and
Mervin Jarman, will be in Los Angeles to present
their work.

Richard Pierre-Davis was expelled from school two months before
taking his final exams. After a series of dead
end jobs, he took an introductory video course in South
London and began working on open access video
production  for a London community channel.

During this time he made cable TV documentaries on the
London Film Festival and Hong Kong film super star Chow
Yung Fat, adapting to the methods of and style of
guerrilla TV. He also worked with Graham Harwood on the
award winning CD ROM Rehearsal of Memory.

Mervin Jarman grew up in a post colonial Jamaica where
his world view was formed from repeated unemployment
and a lack of opportunity for himself and the people
around him. His discontentment led him to be
increasingly involved with local political skirmishes
using his increasingly competent media skills.

In 1990 he moved to London where he continued to practice
as a community-video artist. His increasing frustration
at the heavy cost and difficulty of distribution of
video art/activism led him to enroll in a new media
course for the long-term unemployed run by Harwood.
Here he discovered how transformative this technology
can be within society.

<> is a collaborative effort between the
CalArts Programs in Photography in the School of Art
and Integrated Media at MOCA.

For further information please call 323-644-1762 or
send email to
or see the website:

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<> events please email
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