Lorenzo Taiuti on Thu, 10 Feb 2000 17:46:30 +0100

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Syndicate: Art & The Strategy of Absence against nazism

I have been following the discussion on not showing art in Austria as a protest against the presence of the new (and unthinkable) Nazi Minister.
It seems to me that contemporary art ( even new techonology art) has the characteristic of being a borderline language, stayng on several borders between media, technology, popular arts, comunications.
In no way his modern function becomes a weigth to play in social forces.
Art has weigth only when arrived to Modern Art Museums (that to look popular are becoming more and more flashy, impressive, magniloquents).
Exactly the contrary of what contemporary art wants to be.
But can you ask a Contemporary Art Museum to strike as a protest?
The refusal of glamorous (and excellent ) actresses like Catherine Deneuve and Claudia Cardinale to be present in Wien for an "official evening" (a dance!) has made first page on italian newspapers defining to most people the reality of this political and moral scandal.
The possibility for contemporary art to act could be the contrary.
Not "Absence" but obsessive "Presence" with the theme of the antagonism between democracy and nazism repeated in several temathic shows til the protest becomes visible. 
Art today plays an endless guerrilla with the established ideas. It surely can find tools to fight a guerrilla against the theme of nazism.
Lorenzo Taiuti