misko on Tue, 8 Feb 2000 18:38:00 +0100

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Subject: Syndicate: Help in the Labyrinth

Dear Annick,
Regarding the concept of a Labyrinth, Iskra Dimitrova has done a project
with the same title in the frameworks of our CD ROM ICON ON SILVER
Author: Iskra Dimitrova
from the Icon on Silver CD ROM.
Check this: http://www.soros.org.mk/scca/index.html

 The project "Labyrinth" is a system consisting of several layers. Every one of its fields is in the same time spatial and symbolically
tied to the previous.
Level I. The essence of the project is an individual spiritual road in which the visitor faces death through the symbols in order to arrive
to the re-birth. It represents a kind of initiation.
Level II. The form of the project (labyrinth-like) symbolically signifies a road-entering in the insides where through the death (Minotaur)
a new life comes: The form of the project is such that if a wrong road
is chosen to the goal the road leads in a circle.
Level III. The images encountered by the viewer in the beginning of every field are in a form of a cave (from the beginning), and then
also a tunnel - a sort of "managing" through space.

Regarding the Rhizome we are at this moment completing our educational
project "Roots and Rhizomes" (by Bojan IVanov and Branko Sarkanjac)
consisted of a CD ROM, video tapes, book, series of lectures and CUSeeMe
Melentie Pandilovski
Contemporary Art Center Skopje
Orce Nikolov 109
100 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia