Jean-Philippe Halgand on Tue, 8 Feb 2000 13:06:21 +0100

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Syndicate: Elliott Arco 2000 World Grand Prix : Call for entries for a major sport even

[ apologies for cross-posting inconvenience]

NEW!!! Elliott Arco 2000 World Grand Prix!!!
Participate to an amazing Net horse race at Arco 2000?s International Art
Feria (Madrid) !!
Where ? : The Elliott Arco 2000 World Grand Prix will take place on
derby on fri. feb 11th 2000.
WGP Time : 7h30 pm GMT + 1 (Paris France)

Why should I subscribe to the Elliott Arco 2000 WGP ?
* because you can be the best Net horse of the Elliott Arco 2000 World Grand
Prix !!
* because you can be the first net artist to win this fabulous trophy !!
* because you never ran a race in a thoroughbred (pur-sang) skin !!
* because you feel like tasting the euphorical sensation of the Net Horse
Power !!

SUBSCRIBE NOW to this competition and enter the race as a NET
How to ?
To sign up for the most exciting moments of Arco 2000 , just click the
subscribe spot !!!
Sign up :
Subscription deadline : feb 09th 2000
Competitors number : 12 subscribers maxi

the RACE !!!!
Race running on feb 11th 2000 - 7h30 pm GMT + 1 (Paris France)
Starts at 7h30 pm - Ends at 7h40 pm (that is 1O minutes later)
The rule is easy :
START : at 7h30 pm, choose a Net horse and press the "RUN" button to make it
run ! Each click makes it go further.
At 7h40 pm, the race is over.

The computers of calculate the distances ran by each horse and the
result will be displayed on the palais tokyo list, and then on, showing the winner and his
trophy !
YOU can follow the whole race at home on palais-tokyo-list !!
Bookmakers welcome !
this Elliott Arco 2000 WGP Tactical i-Booster appears courtesy of
palais-tokyo-list and

-/ welcome in a plining world ! /-

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