Andreas Broeckmann on Tue, 8 Feb 2000 10:53:51 +0200

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Syndicate: News about Doors of Perception

Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2000 18:03:52 +0100 (CET)

Greetings from Amsterdam,

I write because we felt you might want to know about Doors of
Perception, the design and internet conference.

Our plans for Doors of Perception 6, and a mailing list registration,
are online at .

The news in short:

Doors of Perception 6 Our next conference takes place on 10,11,12
November 2000 in Amsterdam. Its theme is "Lightness". Doors 6 is
about lightness as a core value for design - and about the tools and
ways of working we will use to achieve lightness in our own

Interaction design bazaar Doors 6 has a new bazaar with fifty
show-and-tell stands in which designers, researchers and grad
students will present new interaction concepts and prototypes.The
bazaar is where you will connect with other Doors participants - the
most valuable reason for coming.

Doors in India We are organising a Doors of Perception workshop in
India next month (February)at the National Institute of Design (NID)
in Ahmedabad. The aim is to begin a process of knowledge-sharing -
in both directions - to do with new interaction concepts. The
workshop details are at:

What you can do now

] Communicate with is about the theme of Doors 6, and  about
other ways we might develop the conference and the website together.

] Please pass this message on to any friends or colleagues you think
might wish to be informed about future Doors activities.

Hoping to see you in November,

Doors of Perception
Best Wishes
John Thackara

D  O  O  R  S  O  F  P  E  R  C  E  P  T  I  O  N
Honthorststraat2, 1071-DD Amsterdam
Tel +31 20 66 22 415  Fax +31 20 66 22 834
Mobile +31 629 535 888

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