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(Fwd) Syndicate: re: Do No Longer Exhibit in Austria

From: "Armin Medosch" <>
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 19:03:31 +0000
Subject: (Fwd) Syndicate: re: Do No Longer Exhibit in Austria

dear all,
I forward this email from the Austrian art critique and theorist
F.E.Rakuschan on the "Do No Longer Exhibit in Austria" topic. I
translated it for him into English. It contains some accusations
about Mr. Fleck and might be controversial. F.E.Rakuschan says that
he can justify all his claims. So I ask you to direct all personal
mail to Mr. Rakuschan and not to me, since I am only your humble
correspondent and (bad) translator. I attach below also the original
german email so that you can compare versions

From:           	"F.E.Rakuschan" <>
To:             	<>
Subject:        	Re: Fleck
Date sent:      	Sat, 5 Feb 2000 23:29:52 +0100

hi citizens,
although we agree in our objection to this austrian government - I
disagree with Robert Fleck about his suggestion

1. because a change in the direction of art - demonstratively -
should distance itself from the functionalisation of art as cultural
representation of the state;

2. because politically aware and articulate artists have to show
resistance especially in a situation like this one - with a range of
diversity of articulations;

3. because a person like Robert Fleck - who for example as curator of
the exhibition "100-years-secession" has failed to formulate an
exhibition concept critical of the nazi-era and has instead followed
the wishes and recommendations of sponsors and the marketing
department of the Secession, so that he clearly shows no
consciousness of a type of art as in 1. and 2. - has given exactly
the wrong recommendations for artists in this situation;

4. because Fleck has lost any right to claim moral credibility since
it became known that he acted as a police informer (in the causa of
the painting over of Rainer-paintings; I have the police protocolls);

5. since he has made this statement only in an attempt to regain some

Resistance - what else

-----german version------

hi citizens,
auch wenn wir uns in der ablehnung dieser oesterreichischen regierung
einig sind - widerspreche ich Robert Fleck -

1. weil sich eine umorientierung der kust - demonstrativ - der
funktionalisierung der kunst als kulturelle repraesentation eines
staates entzieht;

2. weil eine politisch bewusste kuenstlerschaft gerade in dieser
situation mit diversen artikulationsmoeglichkeiten widerstand

3. weil eine person wie Robert Fleck, der bspw. als kurator einer
ausstellung "100-jahre-secession" eben nicht kritisch (nazi-aera !),
sondern nach dem wunsch der sponsoren und dem marketingkonzept der
secession gemacht hat, und kein bewusstsein fuer eine kunst - wie 1.
und 2. angefuehrt ist - hat, in dieser politischen situation die
genau falsche empfehlung an die kuenstlerschaft abgegeben hat;

4. weil Fleck, seitdem bekannt wurde, dass er ein denunziant ist
(uebermalungen der Rainer-bilder, bin im besitz der
polizeiprotokolle), jedwedes recht an anspruch auf eine moralische
instanz verloren hat;

5. weil er ergo - voellig unglaubwuerdig - in einer quasi flucht nach
vorne dieses statement gemacht hat.

widerstand - was sonst,

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