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Syndicate: symposium and exchange in Sofia

from: Rossen Petkov

- - - - -

Dear friends,

We are organizing two events which will take place in Sofia, 
Bulgaria in March 21-28. The first event is youth exchange "Youth 
Campaigns and Modern Media" in the frame of Youth for Europe 
program of EU. The second event is the symposium "Resistance 
Culture". Both of them will join artists, experts and young people 
working in the field of modern media and communications or 
working in youth organizations. 

Almost all of the expences will be covered by the hosting 
organization and it is really a good opportunity to exchange  
experience and meet fiends and colleagues. For more information, 
please, contact <>.

If you are interested, please reply as soon as possible but not later 
than Feb. 28.

We hope we will meet you in Bulgaria.

Best regards,

Rossen Petkov - Chairman of SCAS
Art and Information against the Violence
SCAS, office 407,
10, Narodno sabranie sq., Sofia BG-1000
phone/fax: +359 2 9870293
fax: +359 2 9877477
GSM: +359 88 709451

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