Andreas Broeckmann on Mon, 7 Feb 2000 11:41:49 +0200

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Re: Syndicate: Do no longer exhibit in Austria!

Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2000 01:19:42 +0000
From: herwig turk <>

i want to ad some words to marion von ostens statement

> And we should ask them what would be the right
> strategy to do togehter now. My question is, if not Asylum Laws were
> already sharpend in a FPOEian way from the Social Democrates before, as
> well as cuts in cultural money. The conservatives/neonazi parties are in
> the situation that they do not have to change such things so drastically as
> it is may be expected. It is definetly much much worse, I know, but Austria
> already had very racist politics, as well as a lot of other european
> countries.

It's true that the social democrat/christian democrat coalation in austria
made a very racist politic
and the cultural budget in austria was frozen since 1996 at least in fine

but in carinthia were the fpoe is in power since about one year haider made
anything to get 0 imigrants.
he tried to prevent any family reunification - wich is guaranteed by the law
in austria.

Haider who is responsible for art tryed to suppress critical artists massivly.
he cut the cultural budget to an unknown degree always claiming that the
social democrats used up all the budget in the beginning of the year.
his special cultural counselor andreas moelzer even suggested that painters of
the noetscher kreis like anton kolig should be the contemporary art and the
signboard for carinthia (a. kolig died as the last of the noetscher kreis in
his grandson cornelius kolig, one of the few really interesting and consitent
artist form carintia, was defamed by the fpoe in the election campaigns in
carinthia in march 1998 as a child pornographer and a "faekalartist" means
something like a shitartist.....
the "foerderungspreis" (award for young contemporary art) in carinthia this
year got an artist who produces religious woodcuts..

that's the style of the fpoe and you have to distinguish between any social
democratic goverment (even an austrian one) and the fpoe. there is an endless
list of publications about Haiders style and his political contents as well as
scientific analyses of his retoric that proofs him to be far right and often
very close or overlapping with nazi ideas and the nazi jargon.

i don't know what you can earn with a boykott on contemporary art - probably
nothing, but i'm sure that a boykott of the salzburger festspiele from the
artists side would be a strong and understandabel sign that something in this
country is terribly wrong.
also a boykott in tourism would make sense (many of the holiday ressorts in
carinthia had about 50% haider voters) because that's one of the most
sensitive topics in austria.

greetings from vienna
herwig turk

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