Marion von Osten on Sat, 5 Feb 2000 00:40:26 +0200

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Syndicate: Do no longer exhibit in Austria!

Dear Syndicates,

I agree with Romana, Andreas and others.I got the message from Robert Fleck
two days ago and was very concerned, but also confused about the
reductionist way it is written.  I guess we have to be very careful with
words  and it would be good to get more and detailed information for sure.
I  have my problems with the idea of a blockade, or isolation. I think just
the opposite there should be stronger coalitions with the partners we all
already have in Austria. And we should ask them what would be the right
strategy to do togehter now. My question is, if not Asylum Laws were
already sharpend in a FPOEian way from the Social Democrates before, as
well as cuts in cultural money. The conservatives/neonazi parties are in
the situation that they do not have to change such things so drastically as
it is may be expected. It is definetly much much worse, I know, but Austria
already had very racist politics, as well as a lot of other european
countries. And there are a lot of other right,right wing parties all over
Europe, but this is not the only reason that we have racist politics
everywhere. Now isolating them and exepting the same time that we have
similar movements in our countries? Saying the new governmet is now
definetly THE undemocratic  evil in this fucked up EU and to isolate them
legitimize our countries to be so loveable democratic, this is my opinion .

Another problem I see in the argumentation of Robert Fleck is that he
believes that the  Narration of Nazi Germany is to be adaptable to
post-modern political situations. That artist wants to leave the country is
sad... But before and now a lot of people are deported and misshandled who
wanted to get IN to Austria, who weren't Austrians, and not at all state
financed artists with passports. Already people were day by day expelled
and misshandled! This modernist narration of Nazis ist not capable for the
actual situation, I guess. There will be changes for sure and it is
frightening, because it shows the drastical political crisis all our
countries are in,- but cant we also use this shit they are throwing to us
end return to sender, before we make us calm again saying "do not do this!
Much better to get louder all over Europe, than to isolate ozselve from a
situation we are already in Rascism is not only a terrain for the radcal
right, but it is already situated in the middle of all our societies and we
have the possibility together with austrain friends to sharpen our
statements and to coordinate our engagement. And for sure: We shouldn't
make the next Hitler comparison as in the Serbian Case. What than.
Blockades, in the end Bombs?

A question very directly linked to the situation is for example:
MoneyNations should go on in Vienna October 2000 in the Exnergasse, into
the WUK Cultural Center, in coorporation with some of the local
initiatives, with some Syndicates etc, - we hoped so. I made my
experiences, when we had been there asking for funding in the week before
the changes and everybody from the old system was very doubtful and very
So know what to do? Coorporating with the local anti-racist groups, for
example, what we already planed, but to make this idea stronger and find
out some useful strategies together? Or just quitting the invitation and
going somwhere else... but what about the Exnergasse which already is a
low, low budget institution and a leftist initiative, the new goevernement
will definetly try to cut into the existence of the WUK, so just leave them
alone in their shit etc. etc.?

Yours Marion

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