Mihajlo Acimovic on Fri, 04 Feb 2000 23:15:37 +0100

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Syndicate: Vienna situation

Demonstrators have been too many the last few days, for the police to trash them, so the police have`t been too aggressive. The government and all the burgeoise media are doing whatever in their power to polarise the situation. Media are showing demonstrations as increasingly violent, always trying to deter less violent people who had been there today, from going there tommorow. They try to show it like there is less and less demonstrators. Chief of police has called the demonstrators a maurauding horde. They are waiting for a day whith less demonstrators, to squash the demonstrations completely. Fascist president Klestil (conservative party) has today legalized the nazi-conservative government. As of today, nazis legally rule Austria. 
As for EU sanctions, there is an excellent caricature in today`s Kronen Zeitung (neonazi newspaper). It shows Haider growing powerfully out of pond. EU leaders are shown as puring water into the pond, from dishes on which is written "boycott", "isolation", "sanctions", etc.
It seems police attack a group of demonstrators in downtown Vienna this evening (demonstrations were really big today during daylight). ORF says police used teargas.
The nazi-collaborator SOS-Mitmensch and other GONGOs for expausing the policies of Socialdemocratic and Green party, have called on THE DEMONSTRATORS TO REFRAIN FROM ALL VIOLENCE. They forgot to tell the same to the nazi government or the police. They didn`t call upon the media to stop the calls for lynching demonstrators. I`m not sure where "Platform For a World Without Racism" stands. I don`t think it has an official standing, since it`s very heterogenous. Socialdemocrats and Greens also called on demonstrators to refrain from all violence (police, government and media again not mentioned).
Otherwise, some people who`ve been there today are very happy. They say over 10 000 people (realistic estimate). They say many people who they`d never seen around demonstrations before, are throwing eggs and paint at the cops. Thousands. They say demonstrators moved freely around the city when they were there, police didn`t stop them, except when trying to get close to some buildings.
I`ll get back to you quickly, if the situation escalates. The media are trying to show like it already is escalating, but I don`t believe that shit. Mail you soon with more.


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