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Syndicate: Isolating Austria and other ideas

I`m a bit overbusy and a bit chaotic at the moment, so I4ll just throw these ideas in your face, before I think about them, and be gone.

Since the nazis and conservatives declared they have achieved an agreement to make a government, EU reactions have been very harsh, as well as the reactions of many Austrians. There are thousands of Austrians supporting the idea of isolating Austria internationally, because they say this would take money away from Austria and that would make Austrians learn something. I know this situation from the example of Yugoslavia. The only possible results of an isolationist policy are nazification of new Austrian generations, a further self-closing of Austria, mass poverty for the people, an excellent excuse for the powermongers to steal all the money which people have because "we are under unjustified and unprovoked sanctions. We call upon all our citizens to endure...", etc.
There has never been a positive result out of an isolationist or sanctionist policy, nor will there be. A boycott of Austrian products will have only an effect that Austrians will boycott foreign products, everything will be more expensive and the multinationals will still be operating without problems. Why should I buy something that costs more money and is of lower quality, to make people in Austria poor? Did Milosevic become poor because of sanctions? Did Sadam? Did the sanctions overthrow their governments? Would Haider become poor, because I don`t buy Austrian products?
Besides, I don`t believe that Haider and the conservatives have made a government without consent from their bosses. If you look at it historically, the neoliberal media (including state television) and political parties (especially socialdemocrats) have been doing everything possible to strenghten the nazis, give them more money, more power, more popular support. Greens weren`t any better. They say FPOe is a neofascist party. Ok, so why are the Greens in local coalitions with the FPOe annd Conservatives, in some places? Do the Greens think it`s ok to be in coalition with a neofascist party? Most Socialdemocrats voters are heavily against Haider and only voted for SPOe, to made Haider loose. So, SPOe couldn`t go into coalition with the nazis, albeight they strongly wanted to. Otherwise, we`d be looking at a coalition of nazis and socialdemocrats (which is methodologically much closer)
If EU introduces santions, that would further close it`s borders to migrants from the east and increase the walls of Fortress Europe. We`ll see today if pres. Klestil will allow the new government, but I think he will. Legally, they aren`t the government yet. If he refuses to inaugurate them, there will for sure be new elections. Simply, Socialdemocrats and Conseratives, who have been in coalition together for 13 years, are pretending they don`t want to be in coalition anymore. If they aren`t in the coalition, the only possible coalition in the present parliament, is somebody together with the nazis.
EU said they wouldn`t give jobs to Austrians if they have a choice. Will that weaken Haider? No. The Austrians which would normally get EU jobs and be against Haider, will now have no other option but to ask Haider`s people for jobs. Then, these Austrians will have to be loyal to Haider, or they loose their jobs. EU is doing everything it can to strenghten Haider. It is making a big rethoric against him, so anti-foreigner Austrians will support him. At the same time, EU is not making any moves which can really endanger Haider (and it can). Most supermarkets in Austria and 90% newspapers are owned by a german company. That includes the nazi newspaper called Kronen Zeitung, which is read by over 2 000 000 people in a country of 8 000 000. If the German company was simply to denazify the editorial policy of the Kronen Zeitung and other newspapers, Haider could be half-crushed already. They won`t, because it was them who brought Haider to power. There is no morals in EU sanctions !
against Austria. The EU is responsible for Haider`s comming to power. Thei entire game of "isolating fascists" will only empoverish Austrians. It will strenghten the nazis. There is no conflict between EU and the nazis. EU are the nazis.

Mihajlo Acimovic

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