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[rohrpost] =?iso-8859-15?q?Ank=FCndigung=3A?= Heute abend, Berlin,AHA Projekt im bootlab

Heute, am Dienstag abend um 20 Uhr präsentiert Tatiana Bazzichelli,
Kuratorin und Medienaktivistin aus Rom, das AHA-Projekt, eine Plattform
für "Activism Hacking Artivism"; weitere Information sind unten
angefügt. Der Ort: bootlab, Ziegelstr. 20 (Mitte, nahe Monbijoustr., S
Oranienburger Str.).


AHA: Activism-Hacking-Artiviam Project

The main concepts of AHA Project are Activism = political activism, Hacking = technological activism, Artivism = artistic activism.
Artistic activism means any kind of free non-copyright creativity, to promote the idea of horizontal use of media, to stimulate real experimentation on expressive language without any censorship or hierarchy.

AHA Project follows a collective path, as result of a movement that from the beginning of the Eighties struggles for an independent and self-managed use of mass-media (video, computer, radio and written text). Today more than ever, it is demonstrating to be one of the most valid alternatives to official information.

The concept of AHA was created in Italy as a consequence to the demonstrations of July against the G8 Summit of Genua, which did not only consist of hard clashes, repression and violence, as most of mass-media have reported, but were also an important experience for those who want to create bottom-up information, with amateur cameras, movement websites, independent radio networks.

But AHA is also a project on artistic experimentation that uses digital technology in its most vital manifestations, necessarily including the critical and self-managed use of mass-media. No more art-works but processes, no more originality but reproducibility, no more representation of a unique genius but collective action.

The aim of AHA is to create a network composed of independent groups and single activists who act in the mediatic, technological and artistic field. In Italy this network includes: Isole nella Rete, Indymedia Italia, Radio GAP, Strano Network, Tactical Media Crew, Candida TV, Netstrike.it, AvANa.net, Autistici/Inventati, copyDOWN, the artists and activists Giacomo Verde, Tommaso Tozzi, the GMM (Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici), Massimo Contrasto, Federico Bucalossi, Claudio Parrini, Ferry Byte, Arclele, Mariano Equizzi, the theatre company Neguvon and the well known print magazines Decoder and Neural.

AHA mailing list

The AHA mailing list is a place where you can share your knowledge and propose ideas, suggest and create new collective projects involving experimental and artistic use of new technologies.

aha@ecn.org is a collective virtual place which advocates the free use of art and software.
A place where you can find and give information on activism, hacking and artivism.

This mailing list encourages participants to think about art as an open network and it provides the possibility of exchanging information, creativity and communication. A mailing list for whomever wants to create art through hacktivism.

The material posted by subscribers is not under copyright and this list is not owned by a public/private company.

Rock the boat against copyright and encourage Activism!

To subscribe AHA: https://www.ecn.org/wws/subrequest/aha
To send e-mail to AHA write to: aha@ecn.org
For more about AHA: www.strano.net/bazzichelli/aha.htm
Coming soon to the web: www.ecn.org/aha
AHA is hosted by Isole nella Rete http://www.ecn.org and works in collaboration with Neural online magazine http://www.neural.it

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