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[rohrpost] readings and exhibition at ht03 in nottingham

Hypertext Readings at ACM Hypertext 03
in Nottingham, Aug. 26-30 2003

The Hypertext Readings at the annual ACM Hypertext conferences are a
forum for artists in the digital medium to present recent works. The
Exhibition presents 5 selected works of which one is the
collaborative "The Famous Sound of Absolute Wreaders" by Johannes
Auer, Reinhard Döhl, Sylvia Egger, Oliver Gassner, Martina Kieninger
and Beat Suter [ ].

"For this year's Readings we invited artists to submit text-based
(not necessarily text-only) and navigatable works of art that
emphasize textual aspects, linkage, interactive interfaces, audio, or
user-centered conventions, works that can be performed with the
audience's interaction, rather than read by the author alone."

The exhibition offers background information on the authors and their
works and will serve as a permanent documentary of the 2003 Hypertext

Wed. Aug. 27, 2pm Live Readings by

John Cayley :: riverIsland

Noah Wardrip-Fruin :: Talking Cure

Simon Biggs :: tba

Talan Memmott :: Art History 101

The Exhibition, Aug. 26-30 2003

"Of course, there are many more innovative, beautiful and fun works
around than can be fit into a 90 minute-session. Here are five
favorites from among the submissions that are better suited to
screen-reading than live performance."

Absolute Wreaders :: The Famous Sound of Absolute Wreaders::

Aleksandra Globokar and Jaka Zeleznikar :: Manta

Wolf Ka :: enjeux

[mez] :: mo[]tion

Trebor Scholz :: 79 days

Kenneth Payne and George Simmers :: The Maze of Mirrors

chair + webdesign + coding :: Anja Rau
co-chair + webdesign + host :: Donna Leishman

Hypertext03 in Nottingham, UK, Aug. 26 - 30, 2003.


Beat Suter
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