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[rohrpost] UDO audiovisual network sniffing

UDO transforms the heartbeat of the Internet into an emotionally entangling

IP packets form the base of an audiovisual network installation. All data
mangled within the UDO_system is taken from the net next to the node it is
running. Data floating by - transformed to audio and video material and
transforming predefined natural environment shots - shows a way of feeling the
pulse of the net. Data is collected and an autocreated collaboration between the
users of the local subnet emerges by itself.n set for packet handling in pure
data (pd). 


Technical Notes : In order to view the UDO_system online you need Realplayer 8.
Since we use ffmpeg and Real Inc. changed its specs you might have to
downgrade... sorry

UDO audiovisual network sniffing : a project by MACHFELD and reMI

part of localtask / graz2003



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