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[rohrpost] "digital sparks" Award 2003

>digital sparks< Award 2003

Awarding the best of recent student media projects

For the third time the MARS-Exploratory Media Lab of the Fraunhofer
Institute for Media Communication awards outstanding student projects in
the fields of media art, media design, media IT and, for the first time,
media communication.

The winning projects of the >digital sparks< Award 2003:

"Machines will eat itself" - An Internet project that takes
a subversive an ironic look at commercial data mining by
Franz Alken, HGB, Leipzig, Germany [http://www.superbot.tk]

"Loser Raum" -  An interactive space installation, that
plays with the convergence of and differences between real
and digital space by Anja Kempe, KHM, Cologne, Germany

"how-to-bow.com" - an interactive Internet guide for a
better understanding of Japanese culture and lifestyle by
Nora Krug, UDK, Berlin, Germany [http://www.how-to-bow.com]

The >digital sparks< 2003 Award ceremony will take place at
the "Ars Electronica Festival" in Linz, Austria, on
September 10th 2003 at 19pm in the 'Sky-Medialoft' of the
Ars Electronica Center. The winners will present their work
and are showcased during the evening's festivities
featuring prominent figures in media art and culture.

For further information about the >digital sparks< Award 2003
please contact: digital-sparks@netzspannung.org and visit our
Website: http://netzspannung.org/digital-sparks/03/en

Fraunhofer Inst. Media Communication
MARS-Exploratory Media Lab
MARS - Media Arts & Research Studies
Schloss Birlinghoven, D-53754 Sankt Augustin

Phone: [int. +49.] 02241.14-3449
Fax: [int. +49.] 02241.144-3449
Email: redaktion@netzspannung.org
URL: http://www.imk.fraunhofer.de/mars
URL: http://netzspannung.org

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