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[rohrpost] switch: Software as Cultural Production

switch.sjsu.edu Announcing Volume 18: Software as Cultural Production

Only recently have critics, theorists and artists begun to address the
implications of interface outside the protological simplicities of human
machine interaction. The CADRE Laboratory for New Media is pleased to
announce SWITCH Volume 18 Interface: Software as Cultural Production.

Volume 18 features discussion transcripts from this years CADRE
Invitational. The CADRE Invitational represents a yearlong series of
discussions with renowned artists, theorists, curators and scientist.
Topics include social and cultural inequality, the emergence of the virtual
class, the economy of attention, the role of entrepreneurialism, tactical
and network protocols, distributed control, authority, surveillance,
cooperation models and cultural imperialism. Participants include Jan
Hauser, Marisa Olson, Peter Lunenfeld, Maggie Morse and Douglas Engelbart.

We are also pleased to present the first English translation of Pierre
Levys The Collective Intelligence Game along with a description of his
research at the University of Ottawa. 

Software as Cultural Production includes interviews with Oliver Grau,
author of Virtual Art; Stelarc; and Time OReilly. Also featured are essays
by Margaret Morse, The Poetics of Interactivity, Low Tech/High Concept by
Jenny Hager and Slipping the Interface by Jennifer Henderson. Michael
Chernobrod offers a review of Resfest 2002. Also included in this volume is
a curatorial project by John Bruneau and Michael Chernobrod entitled
Digital Insights presenting the work of CADRE OpenGl projects exploring
information mapping. 

SWITCH is the new media art journal of the CADRE Laboratory for New Media
of the School of Art and Design at San Jose State University. It has been
published on the Web since 1995. We are interested in fostering a critical
viewpoint on issues and developments in the multiple crossovers between art
and technology. Our main focus is on questioning and analyzing as well as
reporting and discussing these new art forms as they develop, in hopes of
encouraging dialogue and possible collaboration with others who are working
and considering similar issues. 

SWITCH aims to critically evaluate developments in art and technology in
order to contribute to the formation of alternative viewpoints with the
intention of expanding the arena in which new art and technology emerge.
Switch is produced by graduate students of the CADRE Laboratory for New
Media at San Jose State University. First published in 1995. Archives
available on-line. 

Executive Editor: Joel Slayton 
Managing Editors: Stephan Hechenberger and Matt Mays 
Contributing Editors: Mark Gonzales, Jennifer Henderson, Michael Velasquez,
Jenny Hager, Brett Stalbaum, Sheila Malone, Geri Wittig



Stephan Hechenberger ccom (at) gmx (dot) net
Joel Slayton joel (at) well (dot) com

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