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[rohrpost] Online Advocacy and Lobbying Panel Session Webcast

For those of you interested in online activism - this webcast on 
online advocacy and lobbying puts a more institutional twist on 
effective ways to use this medium to organize and make your voice 
heard in the political process. 

Steven Clift  

P.S. I am always interested hearing about online advocacy success 
stories and lessons learned <> for my Democracies 
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Online Advocacy and Lobbying Webcast

This event was hosted by E-Democracy <> and the
Institute for New Media Studies <> at the
University of Minnesota.

Have you ever wondered:

- What were the top e-mails received by Governor Jesse Ventura?
- What people think when an interest group doesn't have a website?
- What is an advanced collaborative online advocacy network?
- What is online advocacy and lobbying anyway?

If so, then listen to the online advocacy webcast from:

Or directly from:

The webcast includes audio with Power Point slides in Real format or
audio-only for download in MP3.  Short and to the point panelist
presentations were followed by audience questions and an engaging
discussion and debate.

This is one of the best panel sessions ever held on this topic in
general, and likely the only one freely available on the Internet.
Minnesota is known for its depth of online political activity -
lessons learned here are valuable everywhere.

The dynamic panelists include:

Robbie LaFluer
   - Director, Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

Marcia Avner
   - Public Policy Director, Minnesota Council of Non-Profits
   - Author, Lobbying and Advocacy Handbook for Nonprofit Orgs.

David Strom
   - Legislative Director, Taxpayers League of Minnesota

Brian Elliott
   - Political Coordinator, Clean Water Action Alliance
   - Minnesota Environmental Action Network

Christine Nelson
   - Former Director of Citizen Outreach, Governor Ventura's Office

Linda Jean Kensicki - Panel Moderator
   - Asst. Professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communication,
     University of Minnesota

Stay tuned next week for the announcement about the Net & Elections
panel or get a preview at the same site.

Steven Clift
Visiting Fellow <> - February 2003
Institute for New Media Studies, University of Minnesota

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