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[rohrpost] PLAY presents: new video art from china

PLAY - gallery for still and motion pictures presents:

Leng Lin 
Beijing, Peoples Republic of China

March 2003

Friday 28th, 19h30: 
lecture by Leng Lin and videoscreening

Saturday 29th, 10h  20h: 
videoscreening, Leng Lin will be present 


Lu Chunsheng, Wu Ershang, Zhao Liang, Chen Lingyang

Play is proud to be able to see the contemporary video
art scene in china through Leng Lin's eyes. He will
present the works two days in the gallery and will
answer questions and provides his know how to visitors
of the screening. The gallery is proud to present a
speech of his on Friday about contemporary Chinese

Leng Lin is curator in contemporary Chinese art and
culture scene. He is an influential communicator and
promoter of Chinese contemporary art in Europe and the
States. He teaches as an associate professor of art
theory and history at the Chinese Academy of Social
Sciences in Beijing. He worked with many of the world
famous artist from china in various shows and wrote
about Chinese art in various international

For further information please check our website

PLAY - gallery for still and motion pictures
hannoversche strasse 1, d-10115  berlin
T +49-(0)30-275 82 111 
T +49-(0)30-2345 575-3 F -4


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