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[rohrpost] Winter Streams feature I

Cinematheque at MediaCentre
Le Musee di-visioniste

is currently showcasing "WINTER STREAMS",
streaming video works.

This is the first feature within a series
focussing on indiviual artists presented in this show
and starting with

Anette Weintraub (USA)
Michael Szpakowski (UK)
Elia Alba (Dominican-American)

all works can be accessed via
Cinematheque site

*Artist: Anette Weintraub
*Work title: The Mirror That Changes
*About the work: The Mirror That Changes is a Web-based project that
explores problems of water scarcity and sustainability, bridging personal
use and environmental impact. The Mirror That Changes uses the visual and
aural qualities of moving water to create a languorous atmosphere in which
overtly romantic and lyrical representations of water contrast with
narratives introducing issues of scarcity, purity and equity. Commonplace
uses of water (washing clothes, bathing, cooking) find their parallel in the
wider forces of nature (rain, ice and flood). This project is a meditation
on the use of water and its limits. It draws attention to the connection
between personal acts and global consequences through pairings of water in
domestic use and natural ecology, interweaving fragments of fictional
narrative and  fact.
The Mirror That Changes was commissioned by The Ruschlikon Centre for Global
*About the artist:
Annette Weintraub is a media artist whose projects embed layered narratives
within architectural metaphors. Her work is an investigation of architecture
as visual language, and the symbolism of space. Her work has been presented
at The 5th Biennial of Media and Architecture in Graz Austria, The Whitney
Biennial 2000, The International Center for Photography/ICP, The
International Film Festival Rotterdam, Thirteen/WNET TV's Reel New York.Web
and in numerous other national and international exhibitions.

*Artist: Michael Szpakowski
*Work title: An Enemy of the People
*About the work: The work confronts the visitor with the darkest times of
persecution, imprisonment and banishment.
'An Enemy of the People' is a kind of based on interviews
with Lukasz Szpakowski, a survivor of Stalin's Gulag.

*About the artist:
Michael Szpakowski is a UK based composer, educator and new media artist.


*Artist: Elia Alba
*Work title: Breathe/Blow
*About the work: This is a single channel video with a running time of
2:19 minutes In the video the heads ³appear² as if they are breathing and
blowing air.  I present the idea of breathing as symbolically empowering and
the idea of blowing as symbolically having the capability to change the
course of things. Yet the dolls used, that fact that they ³appear²
motionless and the breathing patterns contradict these statements.
Presenting these contradictory situations exposes the vulnerability of that
particular subject.

*About the artist:
Elia Alba was born in New York City.  She received her Bachelor of
Arts from Hunter College in 1994 where she graduated magna cum laude in
Philosophy and Literature.  She is also a fellow of the Whitney Museum
Independent Study Program.  She has participated in various national and
international exhibitions, including, Flip, Funk & Fantasy, Studio Museum in
Harlem; Heat up, at the Fukuyama Museum of Art in Hiroshima, Japan, Arte
Iberoamericano: Fin de Siglo. Her awards have included the
Artists-in-Residence Fellowship from the Studio Museum in Harlem, the
Whitney Museum Van Lier Foundation Fellowship, the New York Foundation for
the Arts Grant and she was recently awarded a Joan Mitchell Foundation
all works can be accessed via
Cinematheque site

Cinematheque at MediaCentre
Le Musee di-visioniste

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