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[rohrpost] Call for papers, visual poetry works, and wishes
ART ELECTRONICS on Tue, 24 Dec 2002 16:00:14 +0100 (CET)

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[rohrpost] Call for papers, visual poetry works, and wishes

Hi, Friends! Happy Christmas! Happy Holidays!
Happy New Year!

1. Another historical book is under construction! The best of Karenina.it
If you like to be involved by publishing a theoretical or critical short
essay about new media / experimental poetry, in the new book I am preparing,
send your piece, READY FOR PUBLICATION, by e-mail davinio {AT} tin.it (not
more than 3-4 pages long).
It will published before in the web site, then, within this new year 2003,
in a
150 pages paper version, which will be the catalogue of the exhibition, of
which I explain in the point 2.
Please join a 10 lines bio with your former publications.
Dead line: January 31st  2003

2. Artists, visual poets, digital visual poets!
We are working at a great world wide visual poetry / digital visual poetry
exhibition, in an old Italian Mill, now a tourist place in the mountains
near Sondrio, in the next spring, on the theme:
Poetry Migrations/Transit/E-Fluxes/.
General Curator: Caterina Davinio.
The exhibition will present historicized experimental artists and young
For this initiative send your piece:
1) a print of your digital work with your signature,
2) a visual poetry (free techniques, but no heavy materials),
ready to be hung and exhibited,

3) format A4, A3,

4) Address to: Davinio Art Electronics, V. Sassi 10, 23900 Lecco (LC) Italy.

5) Join a 10 lines bio and an artist's statement.

6) Your work will not be returned, it will remain as archives material for
further itinerant developments of the exhibition. It will not be given for
sale, it will be shown only for cultural purpose.
To send materials means to accept all the conditions.

7) Please specify on you mail "Cultural Material/No Commercial Value".

8) Dead line: February 15th 2003.

For what concerns my last essay, Techno Poetry and Virtual Reality
(Tecno-poesia e realta virtuali, bilingual Italian / English), I know I
promised to some of you to send a copy of the book, unfortunately I myself
received no single copy from the
publisher yet. So I'm waiting. Please, be not angry with me.
I remember the essay is about the international new media poetry landscape
and presents 130 international artists + a special section dedicated
to the video festivals and web projects curated by me since 1990.
Publisher: Sometti, Mantova, 2002
Preface by Eugenio Miccini.
pp. 320
ISBN 88-88091-85-8

To order the book write to:
Editoriale Sometti
c/o Centro Culturale Baratta
Corso Garibaldi 88
Price: Euro 6 + mail costs.
Fax: 0039 (0)376 352714

Or to:
Davinio Art Electronics
Via Sassi 10
 23900 Lecco (LC) - Italia
Here you pay nothing, friends, but I will have only a very limited number of
copies to send free to journals, friends, cultural institution (for
international archives, universities, and so on).

To read the list of the enclosed artists and more information see

Happy, happy Holidays to you all.

Caterina Davinio

KARENINA.IT (poetry in phatic function) A web project by Caterina Davinio
davinio {AT} tin.it on line since 1998  -  By Jakobson, phatic is the use of the
language which has the finality to maintain open and operative the
communication channel among the interlocutors. On the confine between art
and critic, happening and net performance, Karenina.it is a virtual meeting
place around the theme of the writing and the new technologies, in which
experiences of international artists, curators, theoreticians converge, in a
net that counts thousands of contacts in the world.

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