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[rohrpost] Podewil presents: MOndayMusik INTONATIONS
Musik on Wed, 5 Jun 2002 13:31:06 +0200 (CEST)

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[rohrpost] Podewil presents: MOndayMusik INTONATIONS

In selten guter Stimmung
7. - 13. Juni

Farhan Sabbagh, The Beatless Sax O'Drones, Werner Durand, Ulrich Krieger, James Tenney, Rafael Toral, Alistair Zaldua, Michael Iber, Jörg Hiller, Sascha Armbruster, Robert Gutowski, Reinhold Friedl, Kasper T. Toeplitz, Atau Tanaka, Charles Curtis, Peter Imig, Henry Grant, Plainsound Orchestra, Marc Sabat, Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Axel Dörner, Axel Dörner, Klaus Lang, Ercole Pasquini, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, Gerolamo Frescobaldi, 
Michael J. Schumacher 

In selten guter Stimmung/ tuning in - a rarely good mood
June 7. - 13.

With alternative tunings, INTONATIONS presents dimensions of musical development. The extension of frequency areas, sounds or the phenomenon of noise have changed music since the last century as much as atonality or new tonal systems have. INTONATIONS confronts historical with current tuning systems against a background of traditional tonal systems, taking  'spectralists' like Gérard Grisey and composers of advanced tunings like Harry Partch and LaMonte Young as reference points. INTONATIONS includes non-western tunings, just intonation, meantone temperament, individual tuning systems and micro-tonality within composed instrumental music. It also enlarges its scope towards recent developments in electronica. INTONATIONS - a dominant phenomenon of newest music.

Fr 7.6., 20.00
Farhan Sabbagh (Ud)

Syrian Ud-player Farhan Sabbagh lives in Berlin since 1981. He's one of the few outstanding virtuosos of the Arabic short-necked lute. In classical Arabic music more than 120 differrent seven-tone scales (Maqamat) are in use. He will perform a traditional Tasqim, a form of presentation in a specific key (Maqam) in free rhythm.

The Beatless Sax O'Drones
Chiyoko Szlavnics (soprano- und alto-saxophone), Werner Durand 
(soprano- and tenor-saxophone), Ulrich Krieger (soprano- und 
tenor-saxophone), Reimar Volker (soprano-, alto- und 

Programme: James Tenney "Saxony" (1976); Werner Durand "Left 
Hemisphere" (1999); Ulrich Krieger "InsideOut 25/23" (2002, 
premiere); Chiyoko Szlavnics "The Bridge of the Pulse" (2001, premiere)

With this 4 compositions in just intonation, the Berlin saxophone 
quartet generates phenomenona like suspension, glissandi and 
difference tones, producing delicate timbres as well as massive and vibrating sound walls.

Rafael Toral (electronics) Berlin-debut

"Aeriola Frequency" by Portuguese guitarist Rafael Toral was 
considered by The Wire as one of the best CDs of 1999. The piece 
"Cyclorama Lift" plays with delayed feedbackloops, where only 
electronic resonances circulate. His electronic sound compositions brought him together with Jim O'Rourke, Sonic Youth, Phill Niblock, John Zorn, Rhys Chatham and others.

Sa 8.6., 20.00
Alistair Zaldua/Michael Iber "image invisible" for piano and 
electronics (premiere)

This piece has originally been written for a 6-channel tape by the Freiburg based English composer Alistair Zaldua and is reworked here for piano and electronics by composer/ pianist Michael Iber. It is based on a text that - being cut up into syllables  - controls both the rhythmical and melodic development. Played as flageoletts within a micro-tonal scale, the sounds are analyzed by a computer and - depending on their pitch - get distributed to 6 loudspeakers.

Jörg Hiller/Sascha Armbruster/Robert Gutowski
Music for feedback-saxophone, string instruments (hurdy-gurdy, motor guitar), harmonium and percussion (phantom drum)

Since many years, Jörg Hiller designs fascinating, amplified, 
self-playing instruments that can also be played manually. In 
company with  saxophonist Sascha Armbruster (Arte Quartet) and 
Robert Gutowski he experiments with his instruments on the basis of feedback, drones and pitch modulation. A part of his instruments will be exhibited during the whole programme of events.

Reinhold Friedl "Kaprizzio: Pianoforte" (2002, premiere)
A microtonal composition for two inside-pianos (Michael Iber, Reinhold Friedl)

"Like that, the piano mutates from the flagship of the Well-Tempered tuning to the soundbox per se, so to say a microtonal string orchestra." (Reinhold Friedl) Reinhold Friedl is the artistic director of the ensemble zeitkratzer (associated artists 2002 at Podewil) and the Trio Piano Inside-Out with Yun Kyung Lee and Michael Iber.

Kasper T. Toeplitz/Atau Tanaka (electric bass, electronics)

Both musicians like to cross the barriers  between new music and 
latest electronic music as well as creating software  at the IRCAM in Paris. Their research in tonal systems and sound spectrums influences their compositions and installations in varied ways.

Mi 12.6, 20.00

Plainsound Orchestra
Marc Sabat (conducting, violin), Wolfgang von Schweinitz 
(conducting, mix, computer), Axel Dörner (trumpet), Robin Hayward 
(tuba), Ekkehard Windrich (viola), Michael Moser (cello), Natalie Pfeiffer (harpsichord, computer), Winfried Rager (clarinet), Gideon Seidenberg (horn), Chiyoko Szlavnics (saxophone), Immanuel Heidrich (sound mixer)

Programme: Marc Sabat "John Jenkins" (2001), Music for harpsichord in Helmholtz-temperament and 6 instruments; Axel Dörner/Michael Moser/Chiyoko Szlavnics Improvisation; James Tenney "Critical Band" (1988); Axel Dörner "versiv" (2002, premiere); Wolfgang von Schweinitz "KOAN James Tenney PLAINSOUND MUSIC Harry Partch", (2002, premiere)

The Plainsound Orchestra was founded by Marc Sabat in 2001 as an 
ensemble specialized in working in various  intonation systems. At Podewil it will give its debut with a representative selection of pieces.

Charles Curtis Trio "Ultra White Violett Light Sleep" (2000)
Charles Curtis (voice, cello, electric guitar, sine tones), Peter 
Imig (bass), Henry Grant (drums)

The trio of  cellist and guitarist Charles Curtis, has been 
influenced by his work with LaMonte Young.His Trio plays a kind of drone music in just intonation driven by rock rhythms.

Do, 13.6., 20.00, Parochialkirche
Klaus Lang (organ)
Programme: Ercole Pasquini "Durezze"; Giovanni Pierluigi da 
Palestrina "Ricercar a quattro del primo tuono", "Ricercar a quattro del secondo tuono"; Gerolamo Frescobaldi "Toccata cromatica" Meantone temperament between renaissance and baroque.

Klaus Lang "einfalt.stille." (2002,Premiere, commissioned by Podewil)
Bettina Junge (flute), Natalia Pschenitschnikowa (voice), Adam 
Weisman (drums), Karen Lorenz (viola)

Pythagorean numerical ratios lay down the temporal and formal 
structure of the piece. Each one of the four phases is dedicated to one tuning system, ranging from static noise to pythagorean tuning and quarter-tone scales to a complex just intonation.

Do 13.6., 22.00, Klub
Michael Schumacher "Constellations" for piano and elektronics

Michael Schumacher is a composer and installation artist working in just intonation. He has collaborated  with David Behrman, Alvin Lucier, Phill Niblock and LaMonte Young.

7. - 13.6. (all evenings of events), 19.00 - 24.00
Installation "Change in your pocket" (1998) by Marc Sabat in 
co-operation with Nicolas Fernandez

tickets: 13/10 EUR
Klub: 5 EUR

Programme: Elke Moltrecht
Collaborator: Werner Durand
Assistence: Anne Arvy, Julia Heimerdinger

With kind support of Parochialkirche and ADAM Audio GmbH.

Klosterstr. 68-70
10179 Berlin
tickets: #49 (0)30 24749 777
fax #49(0)30 24749 700

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