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[rohrpost] Abstract expressionism in Nazi Germany

Jasper Joffe (1975 - )
at the Centre of Attention, 15 Cottons Gardens, London E2 8DN

You are invited to the opening party, Thursday 13 September 2001, 7 to 9 pm

Exhibition to 7 October 2001, Thursdays to Sundays, 2 to 7 pm. Entrance

Imagine seeing Abstract Expressionist paintings in Nazi Germany. By
changing the context of the paintings, we create and perhaps see something
new. The Centre of Attention is fitted out like a pre-war Berlin apartment
and acts as a stage for the paintings, which are old ideas performed

Jasper Joffe makes paintings which communicate urgently, excitingly and
directly, by radically altering the context or conditions of painting . He
graduated from the Royal College of Art, London in 1999. He was awarded the
Abbey Scholarship in Painting (1999-2000) for the British School in Rome.
He has had solo shows at Laura Pecci, Milan and at the Chisenhale Gallery,
London, creating "24 paintings in 24 hours". Working with the same sense of
immediacy, he recently performed painting and exhibited at the Netherlands
Media Art Institute in Amsterdam.
For the Centre of Attention exhibition he produced 2000 individual flyers.
To receive the mail-art flyer, please send a stamped addressed enveloppe to
the Centre of Attention.

For pictures and more info, visit website:
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