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[oldboys] new book: cyberfeminism. next protocols

To the women of the world, sorry for crossposting:

out now, published by autonomedia

c y b e r f e m i n i s m. next protocols

edited by Claudia Reiche and Verena Kuni
design by Janine Sack

In the beginning Cyberfeminism: Next Protocols was a call posted on mailing
lists by the old boys network, the first international cyberfeminist
alliance. Now Cyberfeminism: Next Protocols is a book that presents an
introduction as well as an outlook for the large network of contemporary
cyberfeminism. Protocols are both scientific records of observations and
coded commands for digital and human procedures of communication. next
protocols reaches boldly into the utopian gap between the now and its
possible futures.
If gender is not obsolete, there is a stake in reformulating it under
conditions ruled by the dominance of the digital medium and test its
capacities to subvert cultural practices. cyberfeminism carries the fem in
its center  fem which hints politically at gender and the female sex, yet
exceeds, enjoys, and remodels this relation. With approaches coming from
art, theory and activism, cyberfeminism. next protocols invents and
documents a cyberfeminism which is dedicated to the wilderness of precise
critique and experimental thinking


Claudia Reiche

Old Boys Network
Call for Contributions
Marie-Luise Angerer
Cyber@rexia. Anorexia and Cyberspace

Irina Aristarkhova 
Femininity, Community, Hospitality: Towards a Cyberethics

Andrea Sick 
Dream-Machine: Cyberfeminism

Helene von Oldenburg
IF [ x ] ... THEN [ y ] ... ELSE [ XXn ]

Ephemera / Discordia / Liquid_Nation / Plastique / Efemera_Clone_2
Thoughts on Submission: Glances from the Warriors of Perception

Yvonne Volkart 
The Cyberfeminist Fantasy of the Pleasure of the Cyborg

Anne-Marie Schleiner
Female-Bobs Arrive at Dusk

Verena Kuni 

Shu Lea Cheang    
I.K.U. Seven Pages

Claudia Reiche 
On/Off-scenity: Medical and Erotic Couplings in the Context of the Visible
Human Project

Julie Doyle | Kate O'Riordan
Virtual Ideals: Art, Science and Gendered Cyberbodies

Prema Murthy
Ito Ay Panaginip Sa Ibang Pangungusap

Marina Grzinic
Monstrous Bodies and Subversive Errors

Ingeborg Reichle
Remaking Eden: On the reproducibility of images and the body in the age of
virtual reality and genetic engineering

Ulrike Bergermann
Analogue Trees, Genetics, and Digital Diving. Pictures of Human and

Christina Goestl
If Cyberfeminism is a Monster... then Clitoris Visibility = true

Elisabeth Strowick
Cyberfeminist Rhetoric, or Digital Act and Interfaced Bodies

Verena Kuni
[if, else, next]


pages 336

ISBN: 1-57027-149-6
Price at the autonomedia bookstore: $ 15.95

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