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[oldboys] astro+prism gigs


Friday December 10th 2005 10.30pm -

astro+prism DJ set @ XRated, Stage Door, Stowell Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Friday December 17th 2005 9.30pm –

astro+prism DJ set @ the infamous and messy ….

Freaky Dancing Xmas Party! The Casino Club, Nelson St, Newcastle upon Tyne



For further reading…….


"astro+prism may sound like a 23rd century take on Cagney & Lacey, but as anyone In The Know will tell you, they are in fact, Nicola & Kelly, prime movers & groovers on the Newcastle underground scene. They play XRated this month.

Sisters, Nicola & Kelly, first came to prominence with their über-cool DJ project, Salad Butty, which saw the pair swiftly rack up a boat-load of plaudits from eager punters who lapped up their experimental, beaty goodness. They began promoting and performing at various club nights around the city, paving the way for their latest multi-headed, electronic beast: astro+prism, which sees the pair collaborating with film makers; animators; choreographers; theatre directors; and gallery events.

They've also wowed the masses with their live a/v show (featuring Kelly's Vjing expertise) and original dark, electronic electro/two-step sounds, as well as with the multi-media show they're part of, The Refrigerator which involves their electro/acoustic outfit "astro+prism Meet A String Thing". For Xrated however, they'll simply be taking to the decks for some tasty mega-watt mayhem. For the initiated, Xrated is Newcastle's first, and only, electro-clash, punk-funk, disco-trash night, with room 2 (featuring astro+prism) dishing out alternative dance music of the electro-punk variety, while room 1 serves up old school grooves from funk and disco to classic hip-hop and beats. Get to it. RM

astro+prism play XRated on Friday 10th December. The Stage Door, Stowell Street, Newcastle. 10.30pm, £4/£5. Xrated is every Friday.

Thanx to Robert from the Crack Magazine for the coverage …..

Warm vibes to all !! x

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