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Re: [oldboys] Next 5 Minutes

>hi, but why scanning the girls? again?

yes never ending

>feel like we never go beyond "introduction' of 'our' work.
why should it be "introduction",
it could be 5 minutes on a topic

>is this a form of congratulating ourselves how far
>we have come to? or another form of seeking recognition
>from the others?

neither it's basic found your way in the crowd

>consider the theme of n5m for september--
>" The program of Next 5 Minutes 4 is structured along four core
>thematic threads, bringing together a host of projects and debates.
>These four thematic threads are:
>"Deep Local", which explores the ambiguities of connecting
>essentially translocal media cultures with local contexts.
>"The Disappearing of the Public" deals with the elusiveness of the
>public that tactical media necessarily needs to interface with, and
>considers new strategies for engaging with or redefining 'the public'.
>"The Tactics of Appropriation" questions who is appropriating whom?
>Corporate, state, or terrorist actors all seem to have become
>effective media tacticians, is the battle for the screen therefore
>"The Tactical and the Technical" finally questions the deeply
>political nature of (media-)technology, and the role that the
>development of new media tools plays in defining, enabling and
>constraining its tactical use.'
>maybe can be more tactical in bringing in forces?
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