shu lea cheang on Mon, 30 Jun 2003 19:12:49 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: [oldboys] Next 5 Minutes

>i don't know if it is technically still time to propose at N5M conf.
>However, what do you think, if we proposed very simple things,
>like :
>- scanning the girls
>5 minutes presentation  of "our" work (anybody who identify as woman),
>so we get to know each other,
>- pool party as was talked about in berlin ?
>so we plug with the whomever we feel possible connection with.
>very simple, degres zero of intervention.
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hi, but why scanning the girls? again?
feel like we never go beyond "introduction' of 'our' work.
is this a form of congratulating ourselves how far
we have come to? or another form of seeking recognition
from the others?

consider the theme of n5m for september--

" The program of Next 5 Minutes 4 is structured along four core
thematic threads, bringing together a host of projects and debates.
These four thematic threads are:
"Deep Local", which explores the ambiguities of connecting
essentially translocal media cultures with local contexts.
"The Disappearing of the Public" deals with the elusiveness of the
public that tactical media necessarily needs to interface with, and
considers new strategies for engaging with or redefining 'the public'.
"The Tactics of Appropriation" questions who is appropriating whom?
Corporate, state, or terrorist actors all seem to have become
effective media tacticians, is the battle for the screen therefore
"The Tactical and the Technical" finally questions the deeply
political nature of (media-)technology, and the role that the
development of new media tools plays in defining, enabling and
constraining its tactical use.'

maybe can be more tactical in bringing in forces?


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