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[oldboys] launch of e-[d]entity

hi all,

i am forwarding this announcement, and recommend to have a look at it.
maybe some of your are interested in showing the programme.


>Hello to all of you
>I'm writing ot let you all know how things are progressing with Kathy 
>Rae Huffman's  e-[d]entity programme.  I'm really happy to say that 
>after receiving all of the tapes, we have compiled the master 
>programmes, and are launching  e-[d]entity this Friday night at the 
>MCA in Chicago.  We will be following this up with a screening at the 
>Society for Cinema Studies conference, which is being held in Denver 
>in May.  This conference attracts media studies academics from all 
>over the US.  These are both promotional screenings and we won't 
>receive a fee, but we feel that they will help attract hires and 
>sales in the future.
>We are currently featuring the programme on the front of our website 
>(www.vdb.ord).  If you could take a look and let me know if you would 
>like to make any changes to the video description or bio details, I'd 
>be grateful.
>In addition, we will soon be publishing a new catalog which will be 
>available as a PDF file on our website, and I will be publicising 
>e-[d]entity to our client base.
>If you know anydoby who would be interested in reviewing, hiring or 
>buying  e-[d]entity, our contact details are below.  We are really 
>happy to be launching this programme, and look forward to working 
>with you in the future.
>All the best
>Abina Manning
>Associate Director
>Video Data Bank
>The School of the Art Institute
>112 S Michigan Avenue
>IL 60603
>Tel:  312 345 3550
>Fax:  312 541 8073
>It's constantly updated and features new work and new artists in 
>distribution as well as videoclips and resources on video art. 

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