Ursula Biemann on Tue, 16 Apr 2002 09:06:14 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: [oldboys] obn website - people

das wär mal dies. big hug, örs

Ursula Biemann (CH) geobodies@smile.ch
studied art and cultural theory in Mexico and at the School of Visual
Arts (BFA) and the Whitney Program in New York. Her art and
curatorial practice focuses is on the representation of minority
identities and gender in the media and in posturban zones, such as
the US-Mexico border or the periphery of Istanbul. Videos: Performing
the Border, on gendered condition of the global digital industry,
1999; Writing Desire, on female sexuality and the bride market in
cyberspace, 2000; and Remote Sensing, a topography of the global sex
trade in the age of geographic information systems, 2001. Curatorial
projects at Shedhalle Zurich 1995-1998 and upcoming Gender &
Geography exhibition at Generali Foundation Vienna in Jan 2003.
currently involved in Experiments in Mediated Earth Art (EMEA) a
collaborative project with Lisa Parks from the UCSB at Makrolab.
Biemann lectures and publishes internationally. Her most recent
artist book is entitled "been there and back to nowhere - on gender
in transnational spaces", b_books Berlin 2000. She is with the
Institute for Theory in Art and Design at HGKZ, Zurich.

Ursula Biemann
tel +41 (1) 461 20 84

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