rachel baker on 25 Jun 2001 18:21:51 -0000

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[oldboys] OBN Punishment Committee

> hey, girls! i have the damn feeling that something is fucking wrong with
this network! i feel tortured and punished, i >feel controlled, disciplined,
and adminstrated by bureaucrats who seems to have no hearts! instead of
referring to the >rules and laws all the time, just for give me. i said
Connie, you are so BAD, so provocative, and disruptive. I don't think you
have been punished enough
especially as you have obviously been corrupting innocent Aussie girls in
lacey dresses.
Your punishment will be to publicly present a bunch of flowers to yourself
at your next high profile
art event in ironic, critical self-congratulation.

Comrade Rachel
OBN Punishment Committee

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