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Re: [oldboys] flowers // oldboys commitment and the question of whois


for everyone who didn't get it until now:

I APAOLOGIZE for FORGETTING to put our names under the press release. it was never in my intention to speak for the whole network, really! i admit, it was a formal mistake, i promise which will never happen again. you can be sure, i suffer a lot already for this mistake. what shall i do that you forgive me? how much do you want to make me suffer for this mistake?

mind the flowers was a obn-action by:

C O R N E L I A   S O L L F R A N K

F R A N C E S C A   D A   R I M I N I

J U L I A N N E   P I E R C E

hey, girls! i have the damn feeling that something is fucking wrong with this network! i feel tortured and punished, i feel controlled, disciplined, and adminstrated by bureaucrats who seems to have no hearts! instead of referring to the rules and laws all the time, just for give me. i said SORRY.


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