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[oldboys] CFP: Affective Encounters

Dear all,

Here's a call for papers for a conference on feminist media studies that we're organising at University of Turku, Finland, next September. Please feel free to distribute!

best wishes,

affective encounters
rethinking embodiment in feminist media studies

13-15 September 2001
Media Studies department, University of Turku, Finland

affective encounters invites researchers and post-graduate students to discuss contemporary currents in feminist media studies, particularly from the point of view of embodied experiences. Encounters with different screen-based media engage senses, affects, attachments, emotions, identifications, imaginations and desires. As such they are both affective and effective, both productive and regulatory.

As the field of media is increasingly discussed in terms of convergence, and the boundaries between different disciplines (cinema and television studies, communication studies, media studies, visual studies, cultural studies) tend to get blurred, there is a need to "take stock" of recent research in media history, technology and theory and reflect upon their versatility for different feminist agendas and agencies. Without looking for a shared understanding of a feminist media theory, affective encounters brings together different approaches to affects, embodiments and experiences.

affective encounters explores the field of screen-based media from early cinema to digital arts, discussing "old" and "new" media in relation to each other, but also encouraging inquiries into specific media, representations and aesthetics. Rather than discussing "remediation" and "intermediality" as general mediatechnological or -philosophical questions, The conference investigates them as materially and situationally grounded, diverse practices.

Keynote speaker: Teresa de Lauretis (University of California, Santa Cruz). Other guest speakers: Maria Fernández (SubRosa), Sarah Franklin (Lancaster University), Anne Friedberg (University of California, Irvine), Liv Hausken (University of Oslo), Sarah Kember (Goldsmiths College), Anu Koivunen (University of Turku), Marita Liulia (Medeia), Laura U. Marks (Carleton University), Vibeke Pedersen (University of Copenhagen), Astrid Söderbergh Widding (Stockholm University), Eva-Maria Warth (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

affective encounters is inviting theoretical, philosophical, historical and empirical perspectives on the question of affect and embodiment in media studies, this conference will explore a wide range of issues:

- historical and contemporary case studies on both old and new screen arts
- key philosophical and metatheoretical debates concerning the screen arts as particular interfaces (issues concerning spectatorship, audience, usage, agency)
- questions of power, ethics and emotion (encounter, experience, emotions, affect, desire, pain)
- old and new interfaces as sites for the cultural and social construction of affect
- the cultural and social construction of "sense" and "sensuality" (consumerism, modernity/postmodernity, everyday life)
- situatedness and location of media use and media studies
- encounters with screen-based media as materialised practices, grounded in embodiment, constrained and enabled by categories of gender, sexuality, ethnicity/"race" and class

We welcome papers on these issues to be presented in the workshop sessions.

Please send proposals of max 200 words by 20 April 2001 to: by e-mail, or on the WWW by the electronic form at

For further information, please see

Registration fees are 500 FIM (regular), 250 FIM (student), including coffee and conference dinner.
One-day registration fees are 200 FIM (regular), 100 FIM (student)

The conference is co-organised by Media Studies department, University of Turku, Centre for Women's Studies, University of Turku, Finnish Society for Cinema Studies (SETS), Gender System Graduate School, NorFa, Cinema Studies department, Stockholm University.