Susanne Ackers on 6 Apr 2001 01:31:54 -0000

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[oldboys] Personal Welcome

Dear Boys,

this is my very own, very personal *personal welcome* to all listed Old Boys. 

Back in September 2000, when I asked those of you, from whom I still had
current email-addresses, to provide me with an updated biography for the
obn-webpage that is being built at the moment (Conny wrote about that in
detail in her welcome mail), I realized that those of you who answered, are
actively shaping the cyberfeminism(s) all over the world. Now, I am inviting
you to announce your doings here on this list, so that I might (whenever my
time allows it) include it from here into the appropriate part of the
upcoming webpage.

Actually, I am curious about the whereabouts and goings-on from those, who
did not send an updated biography. Are you still using electronic gear? Have
you changed your lifes completely? Are you busy with getting older and wiser?

For me, life has been surprising me ever since our first conference in
Kassel, and I had to retire in times from being actively involved in OBN.
Here I am, glad to connect with parts of my past.  

What I hope this list will do, is to create synergies between us, Old Boys,
those whom I know from the last conferences as well as those of you whom I
do not know yet, who signed up the Old Boys Network recently by being on
this list. I hope we can, through writing, establish a cyberfeministic space
in the net, and provide a community for ourselves as well as for newbies.

Hope to hear from you soon,


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