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[Nettime-ro] Plan B Berlin - Dan Mihaltianu
Mihai Pop on Thu, 6 Jun 2013 11:57:13 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] Plan B Berlin - Dan Mihaltianu

Galeria Plan B  

Dan MihaltianuÂ
Les enfants de Ceausescu
et de George Soros

Opening: Friday June 7, 18 - 22 hÂ
June 7 - July 27, 2013
Tuesday - Saturday, 12 - 18
Potsdamer Strasse 77 - 87, 10785 BerlinÂ

Galeria Plan B is happy to announce the personal exhibition of
Romanian artist Dan Mihaltianu.Â
"Les enfants de Ceausescu et de George Soros" is a survey of the
Romanian art scene following people, events and places, through the changes
occurred on the long way from the closed society of Ceausescuâs regime
through the extended and still on-going period of transition towards the
open society of the post communist era.
The exhibition including works from different periods (late 70s to
the present) is re-contextualizing a vast raw material (text, object and
image) which focuses on the artist's life - between private and
socio-political determinations - in an attempt to understand the flow of
history and the act of creation.

Present Shock (excerpt from the text "Les
enfants de Ceausescu et de George Soros", Dan Mihaltianu 2007,
Shortly after the execution of the presidential couple in December
1989, the nation was confronted with a horrible inheritance â too big
a House for such a poor People. National opinion was divided between, on the
one hand, admiration, pride, satisfaction or approbation and on the other,
bewilderment, surprise, embarrassment, disgust or anger. Previously,
everyone had tried to cope with the situation as well as they could, either
by ignoring the existence of the huge construction site in the middle of
Bucharest, or by trying to take advantage of it by becoming actively
involved in the process.
The deep and irreversible changes brought to
bear on the social, economic and cultural fields of Bucharest and of Romania
as a whole, by the construction of the Bucharest Civic Center and the
Peopleâs House, can never be properly evaluated. The impact was in the
order of a nuclear explosion, which left behind an indelible mushroom cloud
of concrete that cannot be blown away by the wind, washed away by rain or
buried. Its radiation will not diminish as time goes by. No one can tell
whether its effects will be harmful or benign. What can be observed for the
time being is the division of Romanian society, which nevertheless continues
the struggle to occupy new territories that have opened up after the
collapse of communism.
More than two decades after Ceausescu, many of the
features I have mentioned are still to be seen behind huge billboards
covering the facades of buildings in Bucharest. Other aspects of daily
existence during the last decades of Real Socialism in Romania - the fear,
the humiliation, the confusion, the alienation, the duplicity and
opportunism - did not fade from peopleâs consciousness. They were
merely covered over by a thin layer of new attitudes and behaviours in a
rapid attempt to adjust to the new economic, political, social and cultural
environment called âTransitionâ.

Dan Mihaltianu (born 1954 in Bucharest, based in Bucharest, Berlin
and Bergen) has studied fine arts at the Institute of Fine Arts Bucharest
(1975-1983). He was cofounder of subREAL (1990), Editor / Associate Editor
of Arta Magazine Bucharest (1990 - 1993 and 2011 - to present), Professor at
Bergen Academy of Art and Design (2001-2007), Guest Professor at Universite
du Quebec a Montreal (2008-2009). Since the 1980s his work has been widely
exhibited internationally in major art events, museums, art centres and
galleries, among others: Impact Art Festival Kyoto (1986, 1997, 1988),
European Print Triennial Grado (1987), Istanbul Biennial (1992), IfA-Galerie
Berlin (1993, 1996), La Biennale di Venezia (1993, 1998, 2001), Kunstlerhaus
Bethanien Berlin (1994), Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik
Deutschland Bonn (1994), Art in General New York (1996), Museum of
Contemporary Art - Ludwig Museum Budapest (1997), ZKM / Museum for
Contemporary Arts Karlsruhe (1998, 2001), Periferic, Iasi (1999, 2000),
Museum of Modern Art Skopje (2004), Renaissance Society Chicago (2004),
Tallinn Print Triennial (2004), Bergen Kunsthall (2005), National Museum of
Contemporary Art Bucharest (2005, 2012), Prague Biennale (2007), NGBK Berlin
(2007), Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin (2010), Macedonian Museum of
Contemporary Art Thessaloniki (2011), Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sarajevo (2011), Tallinn Art Hall (2012), SALT Istanbul (2013).

For more information, please contact the gallery at
+49.172.3210711 contact {AT} plan-b.ro.

Galeria Plan B

Str. Henri
Barbusse 59-61
400616 Cluj
Tel +40.740.658555
 Â Germany:
Potsdamer Strasse 77-87
10785 Berlin

www.plan-b.ro |Â
contact {AT} plan-b.ro 
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