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[Nettime-ro] Fwd: Impakt Works: New call for residencies

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From: Impakt <>
Date: Sat, Sep 24, 2011 at 6:26 AM
Subject: Impakt Works: New call for residencies
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About the call: *Impakt Works residencies take place at Impakt in Utrecht,
The Netherlands. The call is open to international artists and artists from
the Netherlands. Each residency period lasts two months, from November 2011
onwards. Projects that can start already in November have priority. The
residency includes: accommodation, a studio, basic technical facilities and
equipment and reimbursement of traveling expenses up to 250 euro. Artists in
residence may receive a “per-diem” stipend not exceeding 1000 euro in the
two-month period.

Impakt Works is a residency program for media artists, artists working with
digital media, video, sound, interactive technologies etc. The Impakt Works
residencies are project based, with a finished work, for instance an
(interactive) installation, a performance or a video, as the end result.
Applicants should be prepared to execute and complete their proposed project
within the two-month duration of the residency.

Proposals can work with this year’s Impakt Festival topic ‘The Right to
Know’ but this is by no means necessary – the call is open to all proposals.

*About the festival topic: *The 2011 Impakt Festival theme: “The Right to
Know” examines the tension between the desire of openly accessible
information and the urge to withhold information from others on political,
economical or privacy grounds. What does openness offer us and what are the
possible downsides of total transparency? Which set of skills do citizens
need to empower themselves in this increasingly data driven society? Read
more about it here.<>

*Deadline for residency proposals: October 20**th **(post date): *Please
submit your project proposal for the Impakt Works residency to
works(at)impakt(dot)nl before October 20th, using

*Past Impakt Works resident artists (in order of appearance): *E*Rock,
Aleesa Coheene, Bas Van Koolwijk, Victor Alimpiev, Martin Brand, Ola
Vasiljeva, Manuel Saiz, Thomas Köner, Ania Molska Petill, Kurt D'Haeseleer,
Manon Bovenkerk, Wayne Horse, Reynold Reynolds, Peter Burr, Julio Soto &
Scott, Steve Reinke, Rosa Menkman, Erik Bünger, Jean-Charles Hue, James T.
Hong, Linda Hilfling, Marc Tuters & Ricarda Franzen.

*Stay up to date on the programming or dive deeper with our The Right to
Know blog (starting august 5). Follow Impakt Festival 2011: The Right to
Know on Facebook<>or
Twitter <>.*
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