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[Nettime-ro] ParadisGaraj: „Most wanted: DER DIREKTOR for KUNSTHALLE BATISTEI!“ // attn: Klaus Johannis

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ehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
Doamnelor si Domnilor,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Daniela Kneip-Velescu and I just started an internship /
Praktikum at Kunsthalle Batistei – a very misto place!
I´m  studying Fine Arts at Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main, where  I´m
also involved in administrative Angelegenheiten representing the student
body in the Konvent. Therefore I am really interested in the art scene and
the Funktionalität or Dysfunktionalität of its structures specially in the
realm of the representing institutions.

Stellvertretend I will introduce you to the Leitmotiv and Ursprung of
Kunsthalle Batistei and the urgent issue titled „Most wanted: DER DIREKTOR for

*(What is Kunsthalle Batistei or better still, how did we become Kunsthalle
Kunsthalle Batistei is the hidden dream-come-true of every contemporary art
space in Romania in the last 20 years or so. Kunsthalle Batistei has
achieved this air of inevitability and inescapable sense of self-importance
and value after being part of the Bucharest Biennale.
Kunsthalle Batistei was formerly known as ParadisGaraj, a small independent
space in the city center of Bucharest (Batistei street, just across from the
US Embassy). It was re-baptized Kunsthalle Batistei in 2010, after the first
DVD started playing video's in a loop on a new installed white screen, just
on top of the former entrance of the space. Then, after two years
functioning as a tiny ParadisGaraj, we suddenlyrealized the “Kunsthalle”-
Potenzial had always been there. But „even a blind squirrel finds a nut once
in a while“.
Unfortunately it was a short-living hope as the owner had also noticed this
potential and also the fact that it was much cleaner and whiter than
before. Unsere Kunsthalle Batistei, even more than ParadisGaraj, was the
usual Romanian success story – Das Leidmotiv. In the moment weturned
into something
better than our usual Do It Yourself precarious and dingy garage, it got
taken away from us. In the moment we thought we made it, our success got
stolen from us. It was kind of the same story when Romania joined the NATO,
or joined the EU, there was an effort in trying to build better roads but
Romania ended up being scolded for corruption.

*(What does Kunsthalle Batistei look for in Sibiu/Hermannstadt?**)*
Kunsthalle Batistei has tried out a lot of solutions, a lot of strategies
and artistic models. But somehow things always fell apart, got out of hand,
there was a sloppy management, a lack of vision maybe, or just plain
idleness. And Müßiggang<>
 So actually the situationgot even worse:  we don't own a space and there´s
a lack of money to pay the rent, we cannot offer very much. What we can
offer is raw muscle power, we can carry materials (stone, wood, big
monitors, etc), we also have a lot of primitive instincts and brutal
creativity. We´re lacking brains and a Direktor that could lead us and
Kunsthalle Batistei to the next Biennale, the next art fair, and maybe the
next young curator-guru.
I think we have finally found the answer to our dilemma: We need a Direktor.
Der Direktor should be of German or Austrian origin, specially a Schwab or
a Sachsen would be most welcome. He could be mixed-blood, But he should have
a German element and we prefer a German to come and fix things in Romania.
We also have a historical precedent with the Hohenzollern dynasty, when the
modern state of Romania was basically manufactured under Western inspection
and wise rule. We need a German Leitfigur. We need a responsible person who
knows the definition of Ordnung und Disziplin. A Direktor, who can establish
these magnetic poles / diese magnetischen Pole in our artistic universe. As
the Germans did so many good things in Romania, maybe they can also fix
Kunsthalle Batistei. We think that only a Direktor can put an end to a
vicious circle of misery, a circle of ineffectual and sloppy management and
transform it into a virtuous circle of artistic and curatorial bonanza.
It is not enough to have funds, to get money from foundations, from banks or
from the EU. We are convinced that we hauptsächlich are in need of a real
boss, a Leitfigur. We can offer this Direktor total control over our
institution. Kunsthalle Batistei can become his home, his pet project, his
secret lover, his backyard, his parking lot or frontispiece. He can also
change the name, he can add his family coat-of-arms to the Kunsthalle,
advertise his family business or brand, or his hometown name. Der Direktor
can have total financial control over Kunsthalle Batistei. We want to be the
forefront, the Apex of the current trends and offer him totale Kontrolle on
who gets thrown out, who gets employed, what art projects should be
realized, and which decisions are richtig oder falsch. Der Direktor can also
tell us whom to love and whom to hate. It would be perfect if he could
transform Kunsthalle Batistei and improve or rather establish a
Service-Landschaft. We consider this Service-Landschaft to be fundamental to
the art scene in Romania. In Romania we are encountering a
Service-Wüste, people
are grumpy with bad manners and spiteful, maybe because of all the years of
Communist rule, but now a German could improve the welcoming aspects of our
Kunsthalle Batistei and turn it into a Service-Oase, to make it moremagnetic to
foreign artists and curators, their galleries and Kunstvereine.

Because of the given fact, that we are invited to this fair in Sibiu, a
former cultural Capital, an ancient German town, we would like to ask *Klaus
Johannis*, the former mayor of Sibiu to become the honorific Direktor of
Kunsthalle Batistei. We got this idea, because at some point in the past, to
end a political crisis and strife between the parties in Romania, he was
called as a German to fix things and maybe become our president. We can only
offer a comfortable chair for our next Direktor with a cocktail to quench
his thirst. We cannot offer him the presidency, only an important and
all-powerful role as Der Direktor of our Kunsthalle Batistei if he would
like to help us. Please become Der Direktor!

Vielen Dank für ihre Aufmerksamkeit!

Herzliche Grüße

*the board of Kunsthalle Batistei   *
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