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[Nettime-ro] \\ Dialog ra van tupa si pav lion

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Joi, 21 mai 2009, 19.00


Fata de arta contemporana, literatura (mai ales in limba romana)
ramane mult in surdina.

What you call art contemporana este prostitutie.

In that respect literature is one of the remaining bastions of dignity
in the so called art field.

Orice iesire spre un public larg este banuita
in mod automat de comercialism ieftin.

For good reason.

Orice iesire spre un public larg se realizeaza prin mijloace de prostitutie - eg. 'independent' organizations like PAVILION UNICREDIT finantate de alte 'independent' organizations like Pilsner Urquell and Tiriac Bank.

Orice iesire spre un public larg distruge orice potential pt. dialog si participare,
replacing it with non stop reklame/lectures and posturing.

It is exclusively through reklame/lectures and posturing
that 'independent' organizations like PAVILION UNICREDIT, Pilsner Urquell and Tiriac Bank can continue to disseminate the illusion of perpetual progress (ie, prostitution) upon which contemporary democracy depends. (hence the constant references like "ramane mult in surdina" and "Romania is backwards")

A dialogical exchange would redistribute these so called 'independent' organizations among the masses,
and their names would become non-distinct.

These so called 'independent' cooperations operate according to the ubiquitous corruption within Romanian (and contemporary) society, which 'independent' organizations like PAVILION UNICREDIT pretend to oppose.

The farce is naturally that PAVILION UNICREDIT is as much part of the corruption as their partners,
and in fact its existence is contingent upon this corruption.

Much as communism attempted to modernize/liberate a rural society from its roots, PAVILION UNICREDIT, Pilsner Urquell and Tiriac Bank attempt to liberate art from life, the individual from society, the material from the spiritual.

Communism + Capitalism -> Impreuna, La bine si la Greu

VF [tm]

Surprinzator sau nu, mutatiile

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