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[Nettime-ro] \\ Logos versus Mythos : The Strange Adventures of Netochka Nezvanova in the Lands Without

@ ISEA 2009

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               Logos versus Mythos \\
The Strange Adventures of Netochka Nezvanova in the Lands Without

The problem I think goes back to our basic conception of the world.

Western democracy has been built upon the dichotomy real-apparent.
From Euclid to Einstein progress has been based upon the devaluation
and desacralization of human experience.

The modern person lives among the fragments of a shattered
universe, an amorphous mass of myriad neutral places in which
he drifts, governed and driven by the obligations imposed by
an advanced, technocratic society.

Yet, among Romanian peasants the ritual narration of stories
defends the house against evil spirits. Still more, the narration leads
to the presence of God, the intermediary world between this intelligible
world of beings of pure light and the sensible world.

This paper discusses Netochka Nezvanova (Nameless Nobody),
one of the myriad, enigmatic programs enacted throughout Eastern Europe
following the disintegration of communism, to contravene the advance of
western rationalism and relativism in the East,  and prevent a complete
and permanent schism in the real-apparent Continuum.

Despite official policies of enforced modernization and secularization,
the communist regimes created scores of programs that ensured
the survival of traditional customs, myths and folklore, and to this
day, the inhabitants of Eastern Europe retain a mythological dimension
in their quotidian lives long conquered in the West, their unhindered
identities floating and mingling within the luminescent, four
dimensional vacuole of the Continuum.

Following the collapse of communism, numerous folkloric programs
were repackaged for passive western consumption, whilst some went
underground where they engaged in the pitched battle between logos
and mythos, western rationalism and eastern mysticism, raging on
several fronts.

Contrasting the armed struggle of the Middle East, the
Eastern European Resistance advocates a 'Revolution in Consciousness',
to paraphrase Che Guevara, a revolution guided by feelings of love --
a revolution that foregoes armies and uniforms, rifles and tanks,
instead leveraging the infinitely transfigurational power of myths
and legends, rituals and prayers.

Netochka Nezvanova was born in the Eastern underground in 1999,
without a mother. She entered sacred time through the infinite
mourning of space.  Her official mission was to extend the innate
knowledge of the Continuum by introducing western inhabitants
to the Kiss -- a quixotic Russo-Romanian invention which allowed one
to make love, progress and conversation simultaneously, consequently
stimulating the tendrils of consciousness to the edge of the numinous

To elude and confound the precise logic of the cyclops and technobots
ruling the dystopian democracies of the west, NN employed an
intuitive, circumlocutory poetic and emotional language known as
'love theory',  a coded language whose meaning is revealed through
hypnotic revelations.

NN's matryoshka stories within stories, supra-dialogical exchanges,
and mysterious, obnubilate rituals, extended into the
global-mindscape, dispersed and dissipated within the panoply
of actions and interactions, mutualism, parasitism, mimicry
and errors which form the basis of the Internet, a semi-permeable
membrane that spans the planet.

Delightfully confused, western communities began to clamor about
the persona or avatar or software that function as NN. She appeared to
be a phantasmagorical experiment, manifesting herself in forms utterly
alien to reason and reflexivity, a pataphysical black hole that
consumed the bodies falling prey to its seductively intoxicating
and euphoric 'love theory', in the process experiencing a melange
of singularities.

Who, how, what, when, why and where NN was, seemed contingent
on who interacted with her. This was both exquisitely mysterious and
maddeningly complex, and to this day the mystery persists.

Netochka's pleomorphic tales, labyrinthine myths and esoteric rituals,
illumined the West's kingdom of darkness, a kingdom which legislates a
strict distinction between the world of dreams and that of reality,
between wish and fact, a system that imprisons its inhabitants by
narrowing their field of vision so that all they are left observing
are the ideas they create, superimposed upon the Continuum's mirror
of infinite beauty.

The battle between logos and mythos, western rationalism and eastern
mysticism rages on, with one side persistently reducing the Continuum
to a dichotomy of finite and fragmented theorems, the other rushing to
reestablish its poly-temporal, transcendental, effulgent unity.

Sometimes ... reality is too complex for oral communication.
But legend embodies it in a form which enables it to spread all
over the world, in continual remembrance of the indescribable.

I am the body of nothing but radiance, the space untouched,
where one keeps still...

I am the world of inner space,
the shimmering angelic.

\\ 0f0003.com

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