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[Nettime-ro] FRECKeffect *.artlabs

* FRECKeffect*

Concept: Liviana Dan ?i Anca Mihule?.

Artists: Sebastian Moldovan, Ursula Oberhauser, Angela Stauber, Silvia

Opening: 27.05, 19.00

Time: 27.05 - 21.06,  17.00 - 20.00

Location: *.artlabs // CT3, Aleea Geni?tilor, Sibiu.

What if maps didn't show main roads anymore? What if they showed only secret
places or the traces of that places? Would they still be called maps? When
artists deal with secret spaces, their entire visual perspective is focused
on a peculiar object, an object that would finally become the trace of an
intimate history.

In the video entitled 'Doors', Sebastian Moldovan deals with the luxury of
consciously or even randomly flipping stages around himself. He reveals the
nomadic structure of the contemporary artist that has to push aside
memories, feelings and permanence.

Ursula Oberhauser fragmentizes the space of the former heating plant with
copper stripes, following imaginary lines of perspective created between the
columns and the horizontal sides of the windows. The artist extracts
transparent cubic structures, invisible to the untamed eye, the copper
stripes being the only marks of entering a different dimension.

The paintings of Angela Stauber demonstrate that nothing is separable from
its surroundings / she sees, chooses and registers the susceptible changes
by discovering absolute spaces around the private space of her painting.

While interviewing some of the saxons that remained in Transylvania after
the fall of communism, Silvia Wienefoet conceived a working-diary on one of
the exterior walls of *.artlabs. Starting from the idea of *waiting*, she
transposed in writing the emotions and perceptions of the people she got in
contact with. Three succesive layers appear on the wall, each describing a
different status of the artist, of the analitical space she has created and
of the neighbourhood as well.

After facing the dilemma of transparency imposed by the four artistic
interventions, you start wondering if that space really exists?

Cum ar fi dac? h?r?ile nu ar mai indica rutele principale? Cum ar fi dac?
s-ar trasa doar locuri secrete sau urmele acelor locuri? S-ar mai numi ?n
continuare h?r?i? Atunci c?nd arti?tii se preocup? de spa?iile secrete,
?ntreaga lor perspectiv? vizual? se orienteaz? spre un obiect anume, un
obiect care ?n final va deveni urma unei istorii intime.

?n video-ul intitulat ?U?i', Sebastian Moldovan se confrunt? cu luxul de a
modifica, con?tient sau la ?nt?mplare, etapele ?i st?rile pe care el ?nsu?i
le genereaz?. Imaginile dezv?luie structura nomadic? a artistului
contemporan, care trebuie s? lase ?n urm? amintirile, sentimentele ?i

Ursula Oberhauser fragmenteaz? spa?iul fostei centrale termice cu benzi de
cupru, urm?nd linii de perspectiv? imaginare, create de coloane ?i de
laturile orizontale ale geamurilor. Artista extrage structuri cubice
permanente, invizibile pentru ochiul ?mbl?nzit, benzile de cupru fiind
singurele determinante ale p?trunderii ?ntr-o dimensiune diferit?.

Picturile Angelei Stauber demonstreaz? c? nimic nu poate fi separat de
context / artista vede, selecteaz? ?i ?nregistreaz? schimb?rile susceptibile
descoperind spa?iile absolute din jurul spa?iului privat al picturii ei.

?n timp ce intervieva c??iva etnici germani r?ma?i ?n Transilvania dup?
c?derea comunismului, Silvia Wienefoet a conceput un ?jurnal de lucru' pe
unul dintre pere?ii exteriori de la *.artlabs. Pornind de la conceptul de *
a?teptare*, a transpus ?n scris emo?iile ?i percep?iile persoanelor cu care
a intrat ?n contact. Pe perete, apar trei straturi succesive, fiecare
descriind o stare diferit? a artistei, a spa?iului analitic pe care ea
?ns??i l-a creat ?i a cartierului.

Dup? ce se dep??e?te dilema transparen?ei impus? de cele patru interven?ii
artistice, te po?i ?ntreba dac? acel spa?iu exist? cu adev?rat?

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