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[Nettime-ro] Imagining politics and buying the future/Kuenstlerhaus Stuttgart

Imagining politics and buying the future
Talk with Cosmin Costinas
Monday, May 26, 2008, 7pm

The image of the future has been in a paradoxical
situation for the last
decades. While imagining the future has been
downplayed in the realm of
politics through exiling new political projects
altogether from the sphere
of the imaginary, the future has become the basis for
the global economy.
While imagining politics troubles with its
unpredictable potentials the
normality of the "necessary reforms", risk and
predictions have been
transformed in economic tools that generate profits
overwhelming the outputs
of the "real economy". However, the success in cutting
the roots of
political imagination is being recently destabilized
by a new self assertive
stance of neoliberalism, mutating its own
communication strategy from a mere
set of quiet amendments to the full status of a new
historical era,
requiring a whole arsenal of legitimizing references
to be found in the
western imaginary.

The talk takes place in the context of Katya Sander's
"Representations of Future", which is on view at
Künstlerhaus Stuttgart
until June 7.

The talk will be in English.

Cosmin Costinas (b. 1982, Satu Mare, Romania) is a
writer, art critic and
curator based in Vienna and Paris. He is contributing
editor of the
magazines Idea Arts + Society (Cluj) and Version
(Paris/Cluj) as well as
advisory board member of PATTERNS/ERSTE Foundation
(Vienna). His curatorial
projects include "Textground" (2004), "Secularity
after Complicity" (2005),
"After the Happy Nineties" (2005), "Tales from the
Other Side" (2005), "Like
an Attali report, but different. On fiction and
political imagination"
(2008/2009). Together with Binna Choi and Kyongfa Che
he runs Electric Palm
Tree, a long term curatorial platform for research and
production. He
co-authored the novel Philip (Project Press, Dublin,
2007), has contributed
to magazines, books and exhibition catalogues across
Europe and South-East
Asia and has lectured in institutions and universities
in Europe and China.
Cosmin Costinas was one of the editors of documenta 12

Künstlerhaus Stuttgart
Reuchlinstrasse 4b, D - 70178 Stuttgart
Tel.: (0711) 617652, Fax: (0711) 613165

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