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[Nettime-ro] Re: Nettime-ro Digest, Vol 48, Issue 7

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*Call for papers
**Areas of conflu(x)ence - Art, Space & Technology in the Digital Age
*International Conference, Sibiu, Romania
October 4-7, 2007

*Deadline for proposals: Mai 4, 2007*

Areas of conflu(x)ence, the international conference on Art, Space &
Technology in the Digital Age, will be held October 4-7, 2007 in Sibiu,

The international conference Areas of conflu(x)ence is organized by 2580
Association in partnership with Arscenic Association Paris, Czech Cultural
Center Bucharest, Kibla Multimedia Center Maribor, Planwerk Association
Cluj, Visual Arts and Design University Cluj, Tranzit Foundation Cluj and
Gong Theater Sibiu.

Details concerning the registration and the full conference agenda will be
posted as they become available to the website: www.2580association.info .

*About the conference *Areas of conflu(x)ence proposes an international debate on the relationship between art and technology in the present digital era, focusing on the impact of the new media in our lives. Today's digital technologies have created a new model of understanding different aspects of reality. The change they produced compels us to reconsider the conditioning of our modern lives while their potential demands to be explored. Post-modernist syntax is today reevaluated and there are positions that support the thesis of a hyper-industrialized society. Science and technology are expected to push forward the frontiers of knowledge, while art is asked to mirror these new experiences. The way we handle our lives and our expectations is changing continuously according to these new frontiers. The place we give to the different aspects of our lives and the spatial articulation of our activities are subjected to constant conceptualization based on a continuous flux of discoveries. What kind of models are we using in perceiving and understanding our new environment? If the tools we use have an influence on the way we deal with our environment, how do we use their potentiality? What traps are to be avoided? What do we expect from technology? Should the new technologies be a matter of concern? By trying to answer all these questions, the conference intends to identify the present condition of our data driven lives and the factors that influence it. On the basis of artistic and aesthetic experiences, we will study the ways in which image, sound and space are today affected by the digital technologies.

*Call for papers* Our conference hosts papers and project presentations from any discipline, methodology or combination of different disciplines that address the following three areas:

*I.Types of Imagery and Sound and Their Interaction*: digital and new media
art, techniques of representation, imaging technology, sound technology,
sound visualizations, performance sciences.
*II.Spacial Forms:* physical and virtual spaces, space/place/territory,
space and everyday life experience, private and public spaces, mobility and
mobile platforms, utopian spaces, urbanism, landscape, space organization,
cartography, topography, space policy, environment.
*III.Types of Memory*:  archiving forms, data systems and models, memory and

Papers and presentations will be selected from the submitted proposals on
the basis of multiple blind peer reviews by the members of the Conference
Committee. Authors will be notified on the results via email by June 15,

The conference will also include multimedia performances, an exhibit hall of
innovative projects and tours of the art installations.

*Working languages: English and French*

*Invited speakers:*
Inke Arns - Hartware MedienKunstVerein (Dortmund), Michael Bielicky – ZKM
(Karlsruhe), Irina Cios – CIAC (Bucharest), Calin Dan -artist (Bucharest /
Amsterdam), Christian Denker – University of Vienna (Vienna), Ana-Maria
Avram & Iancu Dumitrescu – CREMAC (Bucharest), Anne-Marie Duguet – Paris 1
"Panthéon - Sorbonne" University (Paris), Paulo Ferreira-Lopes - ZKM
(Karlsruhe), Pierre-Damien Huyghe – Paris 1 "Panthéon - Sorbonne" University
(Paris), Augustin Ioan – architect (Bucharest), Marko Kosnik – artist
(Slovenia), Ciprian Mihali – « Babes-Bolyai » University (Cluj), Antonio
Pinto Ribeiro - Gulbekian Foundation (Lisbonne), Zoltàn Sébok – (Budapest),
Bernard Stiegler – G. Pompidou Center (Paris) and Steina & Woody Vasulka –
ZKM (Karlsruhe).
The invited speakers are unconfirmed.

*Important dates:*
Deadline for abstracts (500 words) and biography (100 words): *Mai 4, 2007
*Notification of acceptance:* June 15, 2007
*Deadline for full paper submission (3000-5000 words): *July 31, 2007
Submissions should be sent to papers@2580association.info  in ".doc" or
".rtf" format as attachments only.
For more information please contact Tincuta Parv or Barbu Bejan via email
at: info@2580association.info
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