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[Nettime-ro] Fwd: Performance 27/11/05 - reminder!

The Social <us@thesocial.ro> wrote:  From: "The Social" <us@thesocial.ro>
To: "The Social" <us@thesocial.ro>
Subject: Performance 27/11/05
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 00:33:45 +0200


  The Social invites YOU on  Sunday 27 @ 7pm 
  TO the first of an exprerimental project called 'U01 Lineas Urbanas' . A multi-media, multi-cultural project which will interpret the connection of cities through urban lines; mixing elements of architecture, video and music.
  Orchestra simphonica 'D'  ( 60 students  from the conservatoire in Bucharest ), Ramiro Artista ( conductor ), Adrian Buciu  ( conductor ) Visual artist Andreas Boden,  dj Vasile and dj YanLeBlay will fuse an interpretation of classical and electronic music into a performance that will bring: Theodor Rogalsky, Stravinsky, Antonio Marquez, Piagolla, Kasakov... back into our present time.
  sorry. no rock
  Following this show there will be an After show-party; another performance with artists:
  Dilmana-Mika ( visuals ) Dj Vasile, Mara ( Voice )and Ati ( Percussion)
  Venue: Club Gossip ( fosta Baza Militara ) Lanariei 90 ( aproape Metro Tineretului )
  Ticket: 15 ron
   with love,The Socials

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