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[Nettime-ro] RE: h e t e a r s c o n s u m e 2 0 0 5


"Zizek's Dog" <bonzo@signifikat.de> wrote:
>"Monitoring is supported by a dedicated interface, a shared sound 
>engine device that emits a parallel projected sound art map of the 
>virtual campus. The participants are represented on this map as 
>avatars, positioned according to the mp3 data from their wireless 
>devices. A second element of this interface provides a detailed inworld 
>view, controlled through a microphone on the ear-view that allows the 
>performers to watch and hear the activities of the participants in more 
>  h e   t e a r s   c o n s u m e    2 0 0 5
>is the first retrospective online presentation of Croatian sound art 
>which gathers works arising from streaming techniques in the period 
>from the early seventies of the last century to today. Sound art in the 
>past three and a half decades significantly defined the character of 
>Croatian contemporary art in general, whether it was about the pioneer 
>beginnings of sound art when researching the possibilities of new 
>technologies of a closed audio system or magnetic audio recording for 
>the first time, or whether it is about today?s digital technology and 
>multichannel sound works and interactive spatial installations. ?The 
>era of moving sounds?, as our time is often called, was undoubtedly 
>marked by the experience of sound art, and the presentation will 
>endeavour to illuminate some of the key moments in the development of 
>this medium and its influence on audio-visual arts.
>The presentation will present some one hundred artists who use the 
>medium of mp3 as their primary or secondary form of expression but also 
>those creations that evolved as artistic ventures into another medium. 
>Using the form of a multiperceptive presentation, the presentation will 
>represent over 200 sound works in various forms, from single-channel 
>radio shows, spatial installations, and multichannel sound projections 
>to interactive sound pieces.
>This presentation will provide a chance to protect important sound 
>works in keeping with the most modern museological principles, and will 
>be accompanied by documentation prepared as a digital database on 
>Croatian sound creation.
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