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>                  Arts Management Newsletter No.34 (5/2004)
>              An information service by Arts Management Network
>                            ISSN 1610-238X
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> Dear readers,
> Arts Management Network is one organisation among many others, where the
power of networks and networking can be used for your own profession. If you
just take a look at our calendar, you can see the high number of
conferences, where people meet to share experiences, opinions, and latest
trends. Each of us has an own mix of how to communicate with colleagues and
groups. Several articles in our may newsletter demonstrate, where and how
arts managers using existing networks or create new networks: the upcoming
symposium of young arts managers in the Czech Republic, the recent IAMA
conference in London, the conference of the arts administration educators in
Dallas, or the meeting of representatives of international Arts councils in
Northern Ireland.
> In our next newsletter issue in June, we will bring a special edition to
care about the arts management developments in the new members countries of
the European Union. If you like to contribute own articles to this and other
topics, please get in contact with us.
> Yours
> Dirk Schuetz and Dirk Heinze
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>                                 TABLE OF CONTENT
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>  1. News: Creative Arts Exchange to be pushed by US Department of State
>  2. News: Strategic Plannings by Creative New Zealand
>  3. News: New funding mechanisms for the cultural sector in Moldova
>  4. Focus: International Intelligence on Culture
>  5. Resource: An Economic Impact Study of UK Theatre
>  6. Book: Orchestrating Collaboration at Work
>  7. Book: Art and its Publics. Museum Studies at the Millenium
>  8. Book: A Practical Guide to Financial Management
>  9. Education: Arts Administation in Lubbock TX, USA
> 10. Review: 14th IAMA conference in Genoa. Networking is still king
> 11. Review: AAAE Annual Conference 2004 in Dallas TX, USA
> 12. Preview: World  Cultural Forum in Săo  Paulo, Brazil
> 13. Preview: Symposium about cultural exchange in an expanded Europe
> 14. Preview: ECUMEST meeting of Balkan Express in Romania
> 15. Preview: International Arts Councils to meet in Cork, Ireland
> 16. Preview: CAPACOA Annual Conference in Edmonton, Canada
> 17. List of all upcoming conferences
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>                              NEWS & STORIES
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> 1. News: Creative Arts Exchange to be pushed by US Department of State
> The U.S. Department of State has issued a request for proposals for
Creative Arts Exchanges, open to any public or private 501(c)(3)
organizations. They anticipate 5-6 grants for between $50,000 to $300,000,
with the total amount available set at $1.2 million. The deadline for
applications is May 20.
> More:
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> 2. News: Strategic Plannings by Creative New Zealand
> Creative New Zealand is holding public meetings in Dunedin, Auckland,
Christchurch and Wellington as part of the consultation on its draft
strategic plan for 2004 - 2007.
> This organisation's plan includes its vision, purpose, priorities and how
it will achieve these priorities. There's also a feedback sheet asking for
people to comment on the draft plan by 4 June 2004.
> Creative New Zealand Chair Peter Biggs says that the organisation's vision
for its 2001 - 2004 strategic plan, "Arts at the centre/Kei te Pütahi ngä
mahi toi", is being realised as New Zealanders increasingly recognise the
pivotal role of the arts within a creative, innovative society.
> "Our vision for the next three years again acknowledges that the arts are
essential in our lives, and that the artistic work of this country is
excellent and distinctive," he says.
> The six strategic priorities are: the mana of the arts; cultural
diversity; participation in the arts; professional artists; professional
arts organisations; and New Zealand arts growing internationally.
> More:
> 3. News: New funding mechanisms for the cultural sector in Moldova
> The project "Identifying and implementing new efficient funding mechanisms
for the cultural sector in the Republic of Moldova", initiated by the "New
Alternative" Association from Chisinau, Moldova, entered its second phase,
aiming at the development of a policy document, which will be summarizing
the conclusions and proposals of the experts' team. The results of the first
research phase - the variety of alternative funding mechanisms for the
cultural sector existing throughout Europe, their functioning etc. - have
been presented and discussed by the experts. The discussion of the
elaborated policy document in the framework of an international seminar,
large debates on this issue with cultural professionals and administrators,
and further implementation of an alternative funding mechanism are now to
> Details:
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> 4. Focus: International Intelligence on Culture
> International Intelligence on Culture is a consultancy with an entirely
international dimension, based in London, UK. Led by the expertise of Rod
Fisher and bringing together a multinational pool of cultural policy
analysts, researchers and managers, IIC monitor cultural policy developments
and activity globally. Its services for the cultural sector include policy
intelligence, research, project management, training, advice services and
> Current projects include a study for the Hong Kong Arts Development
Council on Cultural Indicators and the organisation of an international
cultural policy seminar in Bangkok for cultural policy makers in the 25 ASEM
countries (the former EU 15 and 10 Asian states). Recent past projects have
included a study for the Finnish Ministry of Education on the Finnish Arts
Council System and research on international experience in regional cultural
policies for the Governmental Office of the North - East (England).
International Intelligence on Culture also continues to be the contact point
for the European Cultural Foundation UK Committee, and is organising a
series of seminars at London's celebrated Chatham House on culture and EU
> With the assistance of their Brussels-based consultant, IIC closely track
prospective legislation, policy shifts and funding programme developments in
the European Union. The company also follow emerging issues and policy
issues at UNESCO and the Council of Europe. IIC's magazine, International
Cultural Compass, provides a comprehensive resource for the cultural sector
with affordable, speedy and fully interpreted information.
> A new website is going to launch in June 2004.
> Details:
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>                                  BOOKS & RESOURCES
> =========================================================================
> 5. Resource: An Economic Impact Study of UK Theatre
> Theatre in the United Kingdom is admired throughout the world for its
quality and creativity. The excellence of its plays, actors and performances
are unrivalled. To date there has only been one major survey on the economic
impact of theatre as a sector. The Wyndham Report (Travers, 1998) focused
exclusively on West End theatre in London. In December 2001, in partnership
with key players in the theatre industry, Arts Council England commissioned
Dominic Shellard from the University of Sheffield to conduct the most
comprehensive economic impact study of theatre in the country, which
includes all the building-based theatre in the UK. The summary gives an
overall view of the study showing the positive effects theatre can have on
the local economy. There are comparisons between London theatres and the
rest of the UK indicating the differences in income and how thatincome is
> The summary concludes with actual figures, and recommendations for
individual venues to conduct further studies on the impact of theatre on
their local areas. More detailed information is given under Key findings,
which includes two formulas for defining economic impact and various tables
with calculations examining that economic impact. Several theatres were
selected to be looked at in more depth - the studies being completed by
Dominic Shellard in the last few months - and the results can be found in
the Appendixes, along with a list of the theatres included in the study, and
members of the steering group. This study marks the beginning of a more
comprehensive look at how theatre has a significant impact on the economy.
> Download:
> 6. Book: Orchestrating Collaboration at Work
> You don't have to be a professional artist or world-class musician to
facilitate the activities outlined in this book. You should be confident as
you apply these concepts from the arts that you are creating
business-training experiences that will help to develop new perspectives and
insights into what makes a team effective. The book helps you to: inspire
trainees to express themselves openly and creatively; create new
perspectives for resolving business problems; understand how to use the arts
to enhance training results; incorporate the content, form and structure of
the arts to resolve business problems; and learn to unlock the hidden
potential of employees.
> by Arthur B. VanGundy and Linda Naiman,
> 328 pages, Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer; Ringbound ed. (March 2003)
> Orchestrating Collaboration at Work: Using Music, Improv, Storytelling and
Other Arts to Improve Teamwork
> Details and Order:
> 7. Book: Art and its Publics. Museum Studies at the Millenium
> "Art and its Publics" explores the interface between the art object, its
site of display and the viewing public. The volume focuses on museums, their
publics and strategies of display. Engines of democracy at their inception
during the French Revolution, public museums have since fostered the
democratization of art. As museum going has increased dramatically in recent
years, the question of "whose museum?" and how museums construct and engage
their publics has taken on added urgency. The essays in "Art and its
Publics" present a cross-section of current issues with contributions from
both sides of the Atlantic and from museum professionals as well as
academics. Essayists tackle issues confronting the museum community and seek
to futher the debate between theory and practice around the most pressing of
contemporary concerns.
> Edited by Andrew McClellan, 213 pages, June 2003, Blackwell Publishers
> Details:
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> 8. Book: A Practical Guide to Financial Management
> A new edition of this user-friendly reference aimed at both those new to
financial management and for experienced finance controllers and
book-keepers who are new to the voluntary sector. It covers: financial
planning, budgeting and cash flow; financial controls and risk management;
investing charity assets; basic book-keeping; charity accounts and the SORP;
audit requirements; computerising your accounts; tax, trading and VAT; and
tax-effective giving.
> A Practical Guide to Financial Management: For Charities and Voluntary
> By Kate Sayer, 192 pages, January 2003, Directory of Social Change
> More:
> =========================================================================
>                             EDUCATION & TRAINING
> =========================================================================
> 9. Education: Arts Administation in Lubbock TX, USA
> The primary focus of the program is to train leaders and advocates in the
field of theatre administration/arts management. The program offers an MFA
in Theatre (Arts Management) as well as a Ph.D. in Fine Arts (major in
Theatre; track in Arts Management). The program offers a blend of theory and
practice. It is designed to serve those interested in working in the diverse
areas of arts administration- MFAs work in nonprofit theatres; a large
number of Ph.D.s have become Department Chairs or Deans.
> Students will actively participate in the University Theatre production
program in marketing, box office, front-of-house supervision, Production of
Lab Theatre, Managing One-Act Play Festival, etc. The program is
individualized to the student's talents and interests, and an outside
internship and several practicums are required for the MFA. The Department
of Theatre and Dance is dedicated equally to scholarship and theatrical
production. The Department offers up to 25 teaching/production/research
assistantships each semester. MFA students complete a thesis project and
doctoral students produce a formal written dissertation which may be based
on traditional research, internships, or professional problems.
> More:
> =========================================================================
>                                   CALENDAR
> =========================================================================
> 10. Review: 14th IAMA conference in Genoa. Networking is still king
> The 14th International Conference of the International Artist Managers'
> Association was held from 15 to 17 April in Genoa. Since this event took
> place in Italy for the first time ever, the conference has been given as
> main topic "The Mediterranean Perspective" in Arts management, focusing on
> arts managers' contributions from Greece, Lebanon, and Sicily. In
> IAMA management offered breakout sessions on Opera dissemination,
> Social Responsibility and Audience development. Italian flair succeeds:
> of the about 400 delegates used these days on the rainy Mediterranean
> not only for chatting about Arts management but even more for talking
> business.
> The clear benefit of IAMA's conference is that you can easily meet most
> industry insiders in person at a single venue. For many members, this
> have been the major reason to attend, given the conference's enormous
> participation fee. All above mentioned workshops neither raised major
> interest among the delegates nor did they offer those attending any
> significantly new insights into the arts management business. Given the
> large number of speeches and interviews, time frame was not sufficient to
> get into much detail and hence they had to remain on the surface.
> Not to speak about professionalism, the conference organisation was even
> trying hard to cope with basic requirements. Delegates complained about
> badly organised coffee breaks and lunch times, Luncheons and dinners being
> sponsored revealed poor quality, and most of the delegates had to dine on
> the go since chairs were hard to find around the buffet. Not easy to
> registrations fees of up to ?534 for the conference - since the venue was
> sponsored by the City of Genoa authorities as well.
> Nonetheless, business flourished for the participating arts agencies and
> promoters who knew to seize the opportunity in numerous one-to-one
> negotiations, and networking talks.
> [An article by Marcus Axt, correspondent, Bonn, Germany]
> 11. Review: AAAE Annual Conference 2004 in Dallas, Texas
> "The Road from Education to Practice"
> The 2004 Annual AAAE Conference was hosted by Southern Methodist
University's Arts Administration program at the Westin City Center Hotel in
Dallas from April 22-24. More than 50 program directors from North America,
Australia, China and the Netherlands participated in this three day meeting.
> The conference focused on "The Road from Education to Practice" and
continued AAAE's work on content standards and program development for arts
administration education, including several approaches to teaching
methodology and technology. Workshop topics integrated experiential
learning, online teaching, self-assessment and standard setting for arts
administration programs. The conference emphasized the connection between
theory and practice and explored the challenges arts administrators'
educators face today.
> Five committees were formed at the conference to continue the started work
in Chicago. All AAAE members are invited to join these committees. Please
contact Elizabeth Bentley-Smith (, if you are interested in
one or more of the following working groups:
> 1) Committee to gather and share information regarding online course
> 2) Committee to design a pilot program regarding the sharing of syllabi
> 3) Committee to design a series of regional meetings on comparative
teaching methods
> 4) Committee to design a recognition program of member's accomplishments
> 5) Committee to develop a reference project for current case studies as
teaching tools
> A CD of all presentations held at the conference and additional working
materials is available for purchase now. Conference participants receive the
CD for free; AAAE-members pay $15 (USD) and Non-members $20 (USD).
> Please visit AAAE's web site at  for further information. The 2005 AAAE
Conference will be hosted by Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh! Arts
Management Network will be reporting about this next AAAE event in detail as
in every year in the past, too.
> AAAE's website:
> 12. Preview: World  Cultural Forum in Săo Paulo,  Brazil
> "Celebrating  the cultural diversity of our planet; Creating a network of
artists, cultural professionals, academics and intellectuals; to work as a
global amphitheatre to cultural actions and debates; to give support to
regional and international cultural initiatives, promoting the intercultural
understanding, peace and development" - the  World Cultural Forum in Brazil
has many great objectives.
> It was initiated originally after culture industry meetings, which were
hosted by the Ford Foundation in New York in 2000. Started as a program
aiming to follow UNESCO recommendations from 1998 to "make cultural policies
one of the key elements of international development", the Forum is not
really an organization, but more a communicative process, establishing its
objectives through a calendar of seminars and conferences.
> For  8 days (June 26 -  July 4, 2004) a  general meeting in Săo  Paulo,
Brazil will present the opportunity for an intense exchange of ideas, and
for an overview for the status of initiatives. The event will be a global
convention with the focus on symposiums, lectures, debates and "political
and artistic demonstrations".
> Preceded  by a number of national and regional events (including the
"Brazilian Forum of Culture", May 19-21, 2004 in Rio de Janeiro), the WCF
aims also to set up a  global cultural agenda, which will increase the role
of cultural policies in  Brazil and the world.
> Executive  Director of the Forum is Dieter Jaenicke, founder of the
"International Tanzfestival" in Hannover (Germany) and long-time curator of
> international cultural events. He is supported by the board, which
includes  Brazilians Culture Minister Gilberto  Gil.
> Visit (esp,pt,en) for more information
> [A report by Wigbert Boell, correspondent, New York]
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> 13. Preview: Symposium about cultural exchange in an expanded Europe
> A new founded association "cultura et cetera" based in Dresden will held
his first event with a symposium in the Czech Republic. From 18th to 20th
june in Slatinice, arts managers from six countries in Central and Eastern
Europa will talk about the new opportunities for the cultural exchange in a
European Union of now 25 members.
> The event is supported by the Robert Bosch Foundation and organized in
co-operation with the Latvian Ministery of Culture (Riga), the Polonian
Institute (Leipzig), the Goethe Institute (Munich) and a well-known Jazz
Club in Dresden.
> The association "Cultura et cetera" want to cover the networking aspect
for especially young arts managers in Central and Eastern Europe. It was
founded by former students of the international UNESCO course for arts
management in Görlitz (Bachelor) and Dresden (Master).
> Contact: Viktor Slezák, Phone +49 351 56 35 55 01,
> 14. Preview: ECUMEST meeting of Balkan Express in Romania
> The meeting of Balkan Express - the Balkan performing arts network - to be
held in Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania on June 11-14, 2004, will focus on
"Audience development: Sharing practices and experiences in the region". The
announced artistic workshop for young directors will be held by prestigious
theatre director Andrei Serban. The training session for cultural operators
held by Corina Suteu will focus on "How to set up international projects.
The role of European cultural networks". The registration is open up to no
later than 15 May 2004. The BE encounter is organised by the ECUMEST
Association - BE contact point for Romania - in partnership with "The League
for Theatre" Foundation and Arcus Cultural Center, and will take place in
the framework of the ATELIER International Unconventional Theatre Festival
in Sfantu Gheorghe (9-13 June 2004).
> More infomation:
> 15. Preview: International Arts Councils to meet in Cork, Ireland
> Representatives from twenty-five countries will participate in "Networking
for the Arts in Europe", a meeting organised by the Arts Council with
support from the European Commission, the Department of Arts, Sport and
Tourism and the European Cultural Foundation in Cork from Thursday 20 May to
Saturday 22 May 2004. The aim of the meeting, organised as part of Ireland's
Presidency of the EU, is to find ways to improve conditions for artists
working across borders in Europe, for the circulation and access to their
work and for transnational co-operation projects and artistic
> More details: (Homepage News)
> 16. Preview: CAPACOA Annual Conference in Edmonton, Canada
> The Canadian Arts Presenting Association (CAPACOA) will present its 17th
annual conference in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada from November 4 through 8,
2004 at the Westin Hotel.
> Titled "Great Places to Live: the Cultural Fabric of our Cities", the
conference will feature several provocative plenary sessions, interactive
round table sessions, and showcase performances in all performing arts
disciplines in three beautiful theatres.
> Check CAPACOA's Web site at for details
> 17. List of all upcoming conferences
> 05/06-05/09 2nd Int. Cultural Heritage Conference, Cordoba ARG
> 05/13-05/16 ENCATC Annual Conference, Krakow PL
> 06/02-06/05 13th Int. Conference on Cultural Economics, Chicago US
> 06/03-06/06 ISPA Congress, Mexico City
> 06/24-06/30 Conference of the American Library Association, Orlando US
> 06/26-07/04 World Cultural Forum, Sao Paulo, BR
> 07/14-07/17 11th Conference of Int. Planning History Society, Barcelona E
> 07/17       pARTicipate2004 (Americans for the Arts), Washington ISA
> 07/20-07/23 2nd Int. Conference on New Directions in the Humanities, Prato
> 07/21-07/23 Arts Marketing Conference 2004, Belfast/Northern Ireland, UK
> 08/25-08/28 3rd Int. Conference on Cultural Policy Research, Montreal CA
> [Your conference is not listed? Please submit your event online now!]
> All events are to be found in the calendar at
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