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Subject: off limits
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 16:15:09 +0100

off limits – international symposium and dance-and theatre festival within 
the RuhrTriennale  - May 23rd  –  June 7th 2003 in Dortmund 

TUMBLE AND TABOO – On the edge of the possible

Dear colleagues,

we have already informed you about our symposium and festival off limits.  
This e-mail will inform you about the latest news. Attached you will find 
a paper informing about speakers, themes and performances. 

As we could change our hotel-options we are able to set a new deadline for registration. 
Please make your reservation until April 15th by either sending us the attached 
registration form by mail or fax (0049-231-557521-29) or use the
online-form ( Please consider that the symposium 
begins May 23rd in the morning. Check in day is May 22nd.

The complete festival programme you may find on our website. The printed version you
will get by post.

Best wishes

Sincerely yours

Rolf Dennemann

off limits
GŁntherstr. 65
D-44143 Dortmund
++ 49 (0)231 - 5
5 75 21 15
++ 49 (0)231 - 55 75 21 29

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