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Prague Biennale 1
The Peripheries Become the Center

Dear Friends,
Much time has passed since the last Newsletter, but now I hope to come to you regularly to speak of art and other matters.
Meanwhile, in addition to my usual commitments to Flash Art, I am working together with Helena Kontova on organizing the first Prague Biennale, which will for sure be the biggest art event in Central Europe this year.
Prague Biennale 1: "The Peripheries Become the Center" will be a showcase of new artistic experiences, monitored by a dynamic group of curators from every part of the world (some selected by us, others who responded to our open call on the Internet), who engage in exploring their territory and confront it with the international scene.

Opening June 26-28, 2003
Save the date: June 26-28 is the opening weekend for the Prague Biennale in the splendid National Gallery (Veletrzni Palace, Dukelskych Hrdinu 47, Prague). Our opening will be your opportunity to encounter a unique survey that will show, in spite of the times, a great energy but will also be your chance to know or to revisit the most beautiful city in Europe, as many observers have described Prague. Visiting a new and original exhibition, realized with a low budget (a demonstration that with 100,000 dollars or euros - this is our budget - one can create an exhibition that wouldn't envy having a budget of 20 million dollars) in welcoming, beautiful, and generous city. What more could you want?

Prague Biennale Curators
Coordinator: Helena Kontova (Italy & Czech Republic).
Judith Angel (Hungary), B+B (England), Luca Beatrice (Italy), Adam Budak (Poland), Joshua Decter (USA), Laurence Dreyfus (France), Andrea Di Stefano (England), Jacob Fabricius (Denmark), Laurie Firstenberg (USA), Lavinia Garulli (Italy), Julieta Gonzales (Venezuela), Sofia Hernandez (USA/Mexico), Jens Hoffmann (Germany), Dorothée Kirsch (Iceland), Michal Kolecek (Czech Republic), Ekaterina Lazareva (Russia), Charlotte Mailer (Switzerland), Raimundas Malasauskas (Lithuania), Chus Martinez (Spain), Gregor Muir (England), Neil Mulholland (Scotland), Peter Nagy (India), Marco Scotini (Italy), Francesco Vezzoli (Italy).

Flash Art International
Have you seen the new March-April issue of Flash Art International? If you haven't, run to get it (and if you are in some part where you can't find it - it's a big world - then let us know: for you friends of my Newsletter I will offer, once in a while, a price that is practically a gift - but only for one month from today: 25 Euro or Dollars instead of 40 and 50. I am practically requesting only the cost of postage. To take advantage of this offer, send your credit card number authorizing a payment of 25 Euro and receive a year of Flash Art wherever you are, or send a check to Giancarlo Politi Editore, Via Carlo Farini 68, 20159 Milano Italy).
Those who are unfamiliar with Flash Art in recent times perhaps has not been able to follow its growth with regards to the choices, the quantity, and the quality of its information. Flash Art is always growing, trying to hone its own instruments of knowledge about the world and about art, but above all in the past few years, we have tried to expand our net of correspondents in every country, and we have managed to provide (and I believe we are unique in this), a panorama of truly global art. In fact, no other magazine will provide you with so many news, articles, interviews, surveys, about today's art.

Our March-April issue
Flash Art, unlike the other media, is truly international: it covers in detail all of North America (and we will soon have 16 pages dedicated only to New York), South America, Europe, Asia, Africa: No other art magazine today has such a full and diverse network.
We can take for example the summary of the last issue of Flash Art which has come out as usual with TWO DIFFERENT COVERS but the same content: one dedicated to Bill Viola, the other to the young American painter Delia Brown - with comprehensive interviews about the same. And articles about the great exhibitions in the world: the Guangzhou Triennial and the Shanghai Biennale in China; the Sharjah Biennial in the Gulf; an interview with Dan Cameron about the Istanbul Biennial, of which he is the curator, exclusive news about the Venice Biennale. But the strongest part of Flash Art is the usual Focus on recent art (in past issues we have examined Young Painting) - in this issue dedicated to Video Art and Film, we have covered 45 artists, with a critical text, an image, and a brief biography on each one. Joshua Decter's notes on television provide an update of the medium's influence on our perception in the Internet era; Cameron Jamie explains to Jens Hoffmann his attempts to capture a hidden side of American society through filming backyard wrestling in the suburbs; Delia Brown reveals to Michael Cohen why she made a video featuring Goapele's music; Liutauras Psibilskis explores new Swedish video art; Christopher Eamon investigates the narrative in multiscreen video installations of artists such as James Coleman, Ernie Gehr, and Gary Hill; and Laurence Dreyfus examines how video games affect video art today.
And hundreds of other news items, and reviews of shows and books. Because Flash Art covers all the information about today's art.

Art Diary International 2003/2004
In June, on the occasion of ART BASEL, the new ART DIARY INTERNATIONAL 2003/2004 will be released.
Completely redesigned and with updated contents, you can carry Art Diary home in your pocket, with over 20 thousand added addresses for artists, critics, galleries, museums, institutions, etc. It's true, as Andy Warhol once told me, that Art Diary is the real Bible of art, the first form of global information that allows anyone to get in touch with anyone.
In fact, Art Diary is the publication consulted by everyone, fans and art professionals alike. Hence advertising in Art Diary, even in a small size (for example, a quarter page ad) will put you in the eyes of whoever might want to contact you both in your country and in the world.
The deadline for advertising in Art Diary International is April 15. If you are interested, you can contact our agents:
USA Kate Shanley: flashartads@aol.com
EUROPE: Fanny Dubes: fanny@flashart.demon.co.uk
ITALY: Betty Furiase: betty@flashartonline.com

Now I am departing for New York (for the Armory Show) - I'll speak to you again in ten days.

Best wishes from
Giancarlo Politi


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