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C A L L   F O R   P R O P O S A L S



 Student’s Cultural Center Gallery – Belgrade, Serbia

March 17 – 24, 2003


ATTITUDE n. 1 Position of the body, as suggesting some thought, feeling or action. 2 State of mind, behavior, or conduct regarding some matter, as indicating opinion or purpose. 3 Aeron. The position of an airplane with reference to some plane, as the earth or the horizon; tilt or tip. 4 Med. The position of the fetus in the womb. Synonyms: pose, position, posture. A posture is assumed without any special reference to expression of some feeling, whether consciously or unconsciously assumed. A pose is a position studied for artistic effect or considered with reference to such effect. / THE NEW INTERNATIONAL WEBSTER’S COMPREHENSIVE DICTIONARY /


Student’s Cultural Center Gallery in Belgrade is pleased to announce its new initiative:


Artists from various fields of art are invited to submit their digitized portfolio-images (two at least) or any other images and photo-documentation to the new international exhibition project. Written proposals and visual materials should be submitted exclusively by e-mail ( or xelax@ptt.yu)

no later than February 25, 2003.

The theme of the exhibition is ‘Attitudes’ and is meant to create an open  and liberal approach towards emerging artists in order to explain the visual world around them. The approach connects everyday experiences with social critique and creative expression.

Artists are fostered to examine critically visual representations and media-projected reality by looking at and analyzing visual world through individually constructed questioning strategy and by analyzing their own attitudes through the visual documentation of that reality and its recontextualized display.


The project seeks to make artists develop increased confidence and the ability to articulate personal viewpoints in all-encompassing world of representation-strategies.


In order to encourage DIVERSITY and COMMUNICATION in the arts, the main goal of the project is to support and provide a virtual international exhibition space, a sort of a digitized artists’ files directory,  for unaffiliated, emerging contemporary artists and art-students from around the world working in the visual arts, including the media of photography, video, performance, and design and to foster an appreciation for the role that artists play in the global community as commentators and redesigners of the visual conditions they live in.


In response to the confines placed upon art by established institutions and the changing practices and demographics of artists, the need for alternative spaces, programs and partnerships and the new organizational models that are emerging for the non-profit artist spaces seem to be an inevitable creative strategy.


This is the first part of an an ON-GOING project which is not conceived to deal with an ‘art work’ in its own right, but rather with concepts, meanings and conclusions which are possible to be drawn from diverse perceptions, attitudes, lifestyles, modes of behavior and entertainment that, although constructed in different cultural, ethnic, political and social conditions, have a common interpretative frame and point of referrence and are seen as the platform for future projects and the core of a continually updated artists’ network.


Please include:

an artist resume (CV / biography), artist statement, plus visual materials (we prefer digitized images)  and any relevant press clippings, web-sites, etc. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL ARTWORK.                                                                                Contactperson: Marko Stamenkovic

Questions about the proposal process and images can be directed to the following addresses:



*In case you want to send your images on CD, you can do it by sending it to the address below:

Marko Stamenkovic, Pozarevacka 8/13, 11000 Beograd, Serbia (Yugoslavia)

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