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[Nettime-ro] Fw: 49. PULAFILMFESTIVAL - call for artists

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Subject: call for artists


multimedia center – gallery Luka

Pula, Croatia

21. 7. - 25. 7. 2002.

supported by : Association of croatian artists, Istra

Multimedia center LUKA, Pula


project by : Branka Benčić curator

Dean Bertoldi technical support 

cinemania[c] is the media event/exhibition that is organized as the supporting programme to the 49th Pula Film Festival, taking place at the gallery of the Multimedia Centre Luka, Istarska 30, Pula. The exhibition is opening on the 21st of July, 2002, a day after the official opening of the Film Festival.


The title chosen as the starting point for this exhibition is the title of one multimedia film encyclopedia. By appropriating the term we wanted to point to the multiplicity of its meaning which, on various levels, ranges from the film treasury to cinephilia and/or mania.

The relationship between art and cinema is the relationship between art and technology. What developed from this symbiosis is the most ephemeral art of all - "the art of time". Considering the traces films left in our visual culture, the exhibition is going to explore the experience of watching films itself, as well as the way film aesthetics shaped and continues to shape our mind, affecting our common perception of the world. cinemania[c] is the product of a meta-media society that recycles its existing media images and where each work of art functions as a research lab in which the raw material is critically questioned and analysed. It is a "cut&paste" culture that inherited avant-garde techniques of editing and collage and joined them with the techniques of sampling and digital manipulation. By referring to the existing artefacts, the semantic structure of our culture narrows, making the works of art correlate and create new meanings. The active relationship between texts generates a web of sign systems where meaning shifts from one signifier to the other, and each new text or new work of art becomes a field for transformation of other texts. Merging of different sign systems (verbal, iconic,...) signalized the new media consciousness. The focus shifted from the closed aesthetic concept of the text to the open concepts of contexts and intertextuality.

call for artists

Artists are invited to send the work that relates to the topics of cinema, cinephilia or cinemania and/or to the experience of watching films. By conceptualizing visual culture and moving images the exhibition would creatively engage with our experience of films (fiction, documentary, experimental...) and tackle our relationship towards specific films or cinema in general: different genres, film language, formal qualities (framing, lighting, editing,...). The exhibition would also address our understanding of society through popular culture and deal with the concepts of time and space as well as the looking strategies (scopophilia, voyeurism, fetishism) and presentation.

By using various media formats like pictures, photographs, installation, video, animation, scratch tapes,, presented either on CD ROM, VHS, DVD or as prints, photographs, graffics, objects... (or as/on hard copy version like prints, photographs...), it is our intent that, through quotation and intertextuality, a new body is created which will demonstrate that correlation of film with other art forms can ensure an after life for the original work, long after its first projection.

cinemania[c] takes into account the role cinema has had so far in our visual culture...and pays the homage...

The invitation is open from the 25th of May until the 25th of June, 2002.

the application should include

  • full name
  • short CV
  • title of the work
  • short description of the work
  • contact (address, e-mail. phone number)
  • technical details and requirements: format, dimensions and notes on audio/visual presentation
  • optional: additional material- sketches, drawings, photographs,...

The curator will, through consultation with the gallery board, select the work and the results will be published on the 1st of July, 2002 at the gallery's website: The authors will be personally notified.

The exhibition will also feature a catalogue where all the exhibited work will be presented while all the work, including the rejected projects, will be archived and presented on a CD ROM

The work is generally not returned, except upon the special request by the author.

The 49th PULAFILMFESTIVAL ensures free entrances to all film projections to the participants, but the travel and accommodation cost is not covered. Some assistance in finding and booking the accommodation might be provided.

works should be sent to



52100 PULA


tel: + 385. 52. 21 44 08


all additional informations are available at and HDLU Istre

Klara Udovičić, secretary

tel: + 385. 52. 21 44 08



Branka Benčić, curator

tel: + 385. 91. 504 95 72


Dean Bertoldi, technical support

tel: + 385. 91. 317 73 71